VERT Sasquatch Trail Race (2.35 mi) - 7/15/12 - 18:59 (8:05 min/mile)

So this was my first ever trail run. Let me tell you: I have GAINED a TON of respect for people that do trail running ALL the time. WOW! It is quite a workout... I figured it was safe to kick off my first trailing running adventure with a race that was short - 2.35 miles seemed like nothing ... PRIOR to running it. ;)

I was HONORED to have the privilege of being asked to be the Captain of Team Slumbrew for the event and of course I jumped at the chance. Not only do I love their beer ... but I also LOVE the people behind it. Drink local folks ;)

They even hooked us up with these awesome tech shirts for the run...

Team Slumbrew had 12 awesome people on it. I only knew two of the people beforehand, but think we all clicked pretty well. :)

Racemenu did the timing and had awesome chips that went on the shoes. 

The run was set into three separate waves since the paths were pretty tight. Our team was in Wave One.

Like usual I didn't bother to look at the course beforehand so I had no idea where the start was or what to expect. Sometimes I kind of like the unknown of a race course since I practice on the same course all the time and know the ins and outs of it.

But anyway, we all lined up on the field across from the Stone Zoo and all of a sudden the gun went off and it was go time.

I was actually having some technical difficulties at the beginning of the race so I decided to forego listening to my music or my Runkeeper during this run. Also, I thought C'mon it's only 2.35 miles - that isn't that much.


2.35 miles on this trail run was MUCH different.

We started my running along the road before we headed into the woods and proceeded to run vertically for about 2 miles.


All I kept thinking was thank GOODNESS I Spin. I got myself down into more of a squat and run barreled up the hill as best as I could. But, it there were so many rocks/tree branches/other people to watch out for.

It was definitely more of a workout than I had expected, but it was a good burning for sure. It made me realize how strong my legs have actually gotten over time.

Thanks to Alain from Racemenu for yelling at me to "smile already" so I could get this great action shot!

I was definitely breathing heavily and cursing under my breath before and after this was taken. ;) This was just after what I figured was the half way mark.

I finally looked down at my Runkeeper once I saw the long awaited downhill come into view. We were just shy of 2 miles and I was ready to be done. It was in the mid 90s and I was sweating up a storm.

I hit the downhill and just felt like a kid running free down a hill without any sort of brakes. Normally I can reel myself in on a downhill, but not this time. All I focused on doing was NOT falling down the hill and taking out the people in front of me.

Once we got to the bottom of the hill, we STILL weren't done. C'mon people. We had to sprint around the field and then would be done.

Wow! This race honestly felt wwwaaayyy longer than 2.35 miles, but it proved once again how much stronger I am thank I give myself credit.

I crossed the line at 18:59 (8:05 min/mile pace) and was 111th out of 444 and the second finisher on Team Slumbrew.

What an accomplishment.

Go Team!

We rocked it!

I even won an award - cuhlearly, not for my speed or lack there of. But for being a social media nut - Facebook and Twitter - about the race and the VERT Race Series. :) I was so surprised and honored. I got a cool VERT mug with the Slumbrew logo on it. :)

It was great to hang out with some of my twitter buddies in person:

George and I have crossed paths on Twitter, Untappd, Foursquare and on the road at races, but it took til this race to finally chat!

The same with Lexi - lots of social media, but had yet to meet in person. I wanted to thank her and her husband for giving me this sweet Untappd t-shirt!! :)

So thank you all for making my first trail run a success.

It is Wednesday and my ankles still hurt - so I know I need to keep practicing to get used to it. But, I will definitely do it again!!


Have you participated in a trail run/race before?