**REVIEW** Running On The Wall

I think everyone knows my love ... okay obsession ... with race medals! I just love them sooo much. It is a great way to remember a fun race! Plus, every medal is so unique - just like the races themselves. Well, I LOVE to show mine off. I hang them on the wall right across from my bed! They serve as that extra motivation to get up and get my workout on. ;)

So I wanted the wife to experience that same feeling. She has been doing a great job in her races and I wanted to show off her hardware.

Enter: Running On The Wall

They have amazing wooden race medal and bib holders ... for all sports!!

I bought my race bib holder from them in early 2012 and it is sturdy, secure and holds all sizes of bibs.

They have so many great running related sayings that it was hard to pick which one I wanted for the wife.


Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

Running: Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Bling Chasers

But, then it crossed my screen. The one ... "Race Bling"!!! How perfect, right? That is exactly what I call my medals - my bling!

The next toughest choice was color. I hate having so many options ;) 14 different colors. Oh the choices. :) But we went with Blue since it would match the motif we had going in the bedroom and to match my bib holder.

And to top it all off shipping was quick and easy ... I received the holder within two days! Score!

All I had to do was install the hooks - which was super easy with a pair of needlenose pliers - and it was ready to be hung!

I presented to the wife and she LOVED it! Yay!!

Doesn't it fit perfectly between the windows?? :)

So if you are in need of your own bling holder (again for any sport) or a bib holder - check out Running On The Wall on their website or on Facebook. They are friendly, fast and affordable.

PLUS, for a limited time only they are offering 10% off any purchase of $40 or more!!

Show off your own bling friends!! :)