Six months later...

The week is only half over yet it already celebrated two large milestones ... 1) Monday - July 30 - marked our 6 month-aversary of being in Boston


2) Wednesday - Today - August 1 - marked my 6 month-aversary of working for Weight Watchers


Those are two big milestones for this week.

On one hand, it seems like we have been here for about a year ... but on the other hand, it seems as if we just arrived.

It is crazy to think how much has changed in the last six months, but you never know what will happen unless you take that leap of Faith.

The last six months have had its ups and downs, but overall it has been amazing.

It is wicked fun to share the awesomeness of New England with the wife. Having the time to spend with her is a definite bonus of my new work schedule. It is great to take an afternoon and head up to Maine and walk along the beach ... and it counts as activity! ;)

I know the transition was tough for her - new job, new life, new living situation (having to crash with my parents), but I am indebted to her for making the sacrifice for me ... and my happiness.

I'm also enjoying having the time to participate in a bunch of road races with a great group of friends, who also love running as many different races as I do ... and want to get brunch afterwards! :)

It is great having so much free time to be active, but on the other side it is a great adjustment having a career with so much alone time. Each day is different since I have a varying number of meetings on a given day. I enjoy the freedom to come home in between meetings, but sometimes miss having coworkers to joke around with.

I made some great friends in our little trailer in Chicago. ;)

But thankfully the members make my day. I can't believe how much has changed since I joined WW as an employee six months ago. When I started I receptioned five meetings a week and now I lead 13 WW meetings a week. I love being a part of so many members journeys - celebrating the ups, working through the downs and learning what motivates/pushes them to continue on their journeys.

Every single member inspires me to be a better WW Leader, a better WW member and a better person overall. I can't tell them how much they mean to me.

And seeing the results is jaw dropping ... since taking over my first WW meeting as a Leader in May - my members have lost over 1,200 lbs. HOT DAMN!!


On the flip side, it is an adjustment for me to have so much down time. I am used to 12-14 hour days with few days off. Now I have at least 2 days off each week. In some regards, I feel like a new WW member - learning how to navigate the summer and balancing social engagements and staying on plan. But it is a challenge I am happily taking on.


Do I miss Chicago ... the people ... the work? Yes. But am I happy with the decision we made? Yes.

I will be even more excited when we move into our own apartment next week. ;)