Marathon Training - 13 Miles

On Wednesday, I sat down with my BFF/trainer/running coach/new mom Sarah and we worked out a true Marathon Training plan for me. I say real because we actually wrote everything down from that day through November 3 - Marathon Day. Wow!

THAT made this whole journey seem really real. Yes I know the whole running and signing up for it made it real, but starting a true training plan makes it feel like it is happening ... as it is. :o)

My calendar for today read 14 miles. I was ready for it. I even had a good alarm set so that my butt would get up and run. ;)

It worked.

I was up and out the door by 6:15. I headed to my usual route around the Charles River. I checked the weather before I started and with humidity it was 90 degrees.

At that point, I made the decision that I would focus on the mileage rather than the time/pace of today's run.

I stretched and hit the pavement.

Oh, I could feel the humidity right off the bat. I knew I would be running a 9-something min/mile pace. Which again I was okay with.

I tried to get into the running groove I know and love, but it wasn't sticking.

Not sure if it was all the heat or what, but I couldn't get into a rhythm.

I had to run in my glasses because of my possible pink eye and that totally threw me off. I gravely DISLIKE running in glasses - yes this was learned about 2 minutes into the run. I alternated between running with the glasses on and with them in my hand. I just felt uncomfortable running without them on since everything just looked blurry. Not the safest thing so early in the AM.

Additionally, the brand new earbuds I bought at the expo for the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon kept falling out. They praise themselves on having the "lock" technique of the earbuds, but for some reason it just hasn't worked for me. They fell out during the Half and each run following that.

(Note: I got so frustrated today I almost threw them in the River then made sure to write a letter to customer service when I got home. Hopefully I can get the issue resolved.)

The first half of the run felt like it was 100% in the sun - as I took the turn around - it was like a new run started ... it was shady and had a breeze. Oh the breeze felt heavenly. ;)

I was feeling the humidity more and more as the run wore on. I unfortunately just wanted it to end. I kept counting down the miles one by one.

As I neared my car (I run a loop around the River), I spotted a sign for free water and just had to stop.

(Note: The Charles River is a 13-mile loop - the portion I did - and there were only 2 water fountains that gave out hot water. Not cool Boston. I tweeted Mayor Menino about it today. Hello 90 degrees in Boston and just 2 water fountains - boo!)

As I neared the 13 mile mark, I struggled in my head as to whether I could push on for the final mile or not.

I HATE not finishing what I started or accomplishing a goal, but I was feeling completely OUT of gas in my tank. So I made the executive decision to stop.

Ugh, I was wicked upset with myself for a few minutes then I had to get a grip. I ran 13 more miles than had I stayed in bed. I could've said Nah I'll do it later when it wasn't so hot. BUT NO ... I went out there and gave it everything I had.

So what did I learn today?

I relearned ;) that I need to listen to my body. I may not always be able to fulfill what the "training schedule" has planned, but I can give it all I have.


Each run is a fresh start. I will get it next time!!