So I started the #100ozchallenge on Twitter early in 2012, but I never formally introduced it so I thought I would now. Better late than never, right?

So I gave up Diet Coke on December 7, 2010 ... and have remained soda friend to date! WOO!

But, I needed something else to drink to replace the many many cans of Diet Coke I was consuming a day ...

Enter WATER!

I know. I am ahead of the curve on joining the "drinking water" and "staying hydrated" craze. :)

Well, I noticed that I am better at creating a new habit when I have a challenge or community to turn to.

Then #100ozchallenge was born.

So the goal is quite simple: to drink at least 100oz of water a day.

Seems pretty basic.

The #100ozchallenge hashtag is a great way to find motivation from others and a sense of community.

But, if you feel that 100oz is too much water for you in a day - that is fine. Shoot for your own goal, but still use the hashtag to keep us up to speed on how you are doing.

So I ask, are you in for the #100ozchallenge?