Mardi Gras Festival Run 5k - 9/13/12 - 22:37 (7:18 min/mile)

My how this summer flew by ... Thursday, September 13 marked the start of my 30th Birthday Celebration weekend AND race 5-of-5 in the "Let's Run, Have Some Fun And Be Fit" Summer Race Series. For those that complete all 5 of the Race Series, you get a special FREE jacket! WOO!!

And the four of us did it:


We battled through heat, injuries, MBTA delays and traffic to successfully complete all five races! :)


That morning I had my September weigh-in for Weight Watchers and had made the decision to run to the Weight Watchers center. So that morning I ended up running a nice and slow 5k because I really didn't want to be too tired for the race that night!


After  leading my three Weight Watchers meetings, we headed over to the race. After cutting it wicked close the previous race, we made sure to leave plenty of time to get to the Start Line. :)

With it being the fifth race in the same spot (and where I do my long runs), I know the course inside and out so I wasn't worried about getting lost or taking a wrong turn.

I was also able to wiggle my way closer to the front, which still freaks me out. As I made my way up, I kept thinking I really belong in the very back - but then I remind myself that I do belong where I position myself. I am faster than I think in my head. ;)

The horn went and we were off. It is always an exhilarating feeling at the start of a race.

Do you guys agree??

But as I ran I was having a hard time controlling my breathing. Yes folks, I was starting to get a cold. You have to be kidding me. During a race and before my big Birthday weekend.

I pushed through.

I could feel the temperature and humidity rising as I was running.

I pushed through.

I was having some iphone/shuffle music issues.

I pushed through.

I just tried to get myself in the best groove I could.

Next thing I knew we were at the 2 mile mark and it was time to buckle down and kick it into the next gear.

Near the end of the race, I always try to lock in to someone who is ahead of me and try to pass them before the Finish Line. Even if I don't catch them, it at least gives me something to focus on when your body just wants to slow down or stop.

I finished in 22:37 (7:18 min/mile pace) ... I came in 128 out of 807 overall and 26 out of 448 females! WOO!! :)


Now we wait to plan a fun Sunday morning brunch to pick up our jackets!! ;)