Dani Meets Pure Barre

What the hell is Pure Barre you may be wondering? Simply put by the Founders of the method:

Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change the shape of your body. Using small isometric movements at the ballet barre set to motivating music, Pure Barre lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms and burns fat in record breaking time. Clients see results in just 10 classes, lose inches in weeks and have fun doing it!

Sounds intimidating to me ... and it was!


But let me back this story up a bit...

My friend Jess from college  is one amazing & awesome person, who has multiple law degrees, was working full-time in a law firm and teaching more than 20 fitness classes a week (Spin, Pilates, etc). She motivated me to move more just by being her. But, when I moved back to Boston in January, I reconnected with her and starting attending her Tuesday morning Spin classes - she made a 6am Spin class worth lack of sleep. :P

But a few months back, Jess took a leap of Faith (which you know I love), left her job and decided to open her open Pure Barre franchise in Burlington, Mass - not too far from where I live. I couldn't have been prouder of her following her heart and her passion.

So the store was set to open on November 1 and in October Jess approached me with an offer. She offered me one-month of unlimited classes at her Pure Barre Burlington store if I shared my journey on social media.

How could I pass up that opportunity, right?

I am always looking on ways to get out of my comfort zone and what is more out of my comfort zone than trying a class like the one described above!

So please realize that while Jess has extended this amazing opportunity to me, I will be completely honest in my thoughts, opinions and comments made on my experience. Plus, Jess knows I will be brutally honest, which I think is why she wanted me - a complete rookie - to share my experience.

And last night I walked into my first Pure Barre Studio ever...


The front and lobby of the Studio was so welcoming!!

Doesn't the storefront look so inviting?

I'm loving the look...

They have stylish headbands and hair ties available for purchase ... wicked cute! I got one of course. :P

Pure Barre also offers a line of workout equipment, which looks stylish and practical!


Pure Barre Merchandise - water bottles and hats

Pure Balls? ;)

Jess - owner, greeter and instructor


After enjoying the lobby and hanging back to watch what everyone else was doing (leaving your shoes in the lobby, grabbing a couple sets of weights, put/keep socks on), it was time to finally go through the big doors :)

And here's why everyone took their shoes off:

The space was so warm, peaceful and welcoming... NO cell phones in the room at all (except for mine since I was snapping pics/taking notes - but it was on silent I promise!)

I collected the proper tools for the class - thanks again for everyone else doing it first.

As everyone sat patiently before class around the room, stretching, finding their Zen (maybe) or just enjoying the great tunes Jess had on, I realized Jess had told me about special grippy socks Pure Barre has (retail $12).

Aren't they fun? Comfy and helpful!


It was time for class to start. It was a great group of about 25 women.

(Note: Jess said she has had just 1 gentleman attend a class since opening on November 1, 2012 ... but fellas give it a shot! ;0))

It was a great workout that really did mix yoga, core and leg exercises together well ... they flowed from song to song.

Tonight we worked:

*Warmup-core-pushups,planks, biceps, triceps, etc

*"Chair" along the bar - hello inner and outer thighs and butt!

*A brief yoga interlude/stretching -- insert an attempt at a split, where I learned I'm not as flexible as I once was

*"Seat" work, which worked the butt and hamstrings - think wall sit, while on your tippy toes and add some thigh work

*Ab work at the bar followed with ab work on the floor - crunches, oblique work, etc

*Finished up with some back work at the end - bridges, stretches, yoga


The biggest thing I learned in Class One is that Pure Barre is all about "tucking the tailbone"!! I LOVE THIS!

Why you may ask?

Well, as someone who had back surgery and physical therapy, there has been a lot of tucking the tailbone in my life since January 2011 - so I knew how to do this move.


A majority of the moves we did involved tucking the tailbone so I felt right at home.

As you may have noticed the room has a large mirror, which is super helpful to check out how the instructor and other students look during certain moves since there isn't any real "Breaking Down Barre Moves" at the start of class or in between songs.

Jess did mention after class that her studio will be hosting a couple "Intro To Pure Barre" classes one day soon where all instructors will be on hand to help students work on the technique for each movement. I will DEFINITELY be hitting up one - or two - of those!

Overall, the first class was a blast. I am definitely sore, but I didn't feel as out of place as I thought I would be. I LOVED that the class was full of women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It was a completely judge free zone ... exactly what this newbie needed!


Well, I will be providing some pictures of me actually taking the class in the next few blog posts ;)

But for now it's time to stretch the legs before I return to Pure Barre Burlington on Monday! See ya at 7:10am ladies!!