Savannah - Day Two - 11/3/12

Now what the HECK did I do on Day Two in Savannah? There was some major life-changing event in the morning, but for the life of me it's slipping my mind. Oh wait!

It was that little Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon. Duh!

Here's the recap for that... ENJOY!

We left the Finish Line area by 1pm, which meant there was a WHOLE lotta day left to be had.

So what do you do once you finish the marathon?

Find beer ... and food!

Cuhlearly you know the priority for me :P

But, first we stopped at the hotel to change and somehow this was the outfit my peeps let me out of the room wearing:

I mean it's sexy, right?

And you are seeing it correctly - Lululemon cardigan and pants, compression arm and leg sleeves, a Sparkly Soul headband, flip flops and of course my race medal.

HOT. It will be all the rage next season.

We actually ended up going back to Molly Macpherson's for lunch. It was good food and it was one of the few places that didn't have a line out and around the corner.

After filling our bellies with food and beer, Michelle and Tori decided they needed to relax for a little while and wanted to head back to the hotel. I was feeling the opposite. I thought if I went back and laid down - my legs would tighten up or cramp.

So my dad and I dropped them off at the hotel and the two of us roamed the city. He didn't have a chance to check it out the day before since he got in so late so it was nice to show him River Street, Bay Street, etc. He also enjoyed that we were able to stop at a local watering hole, pick up a beer and keep on walking. :) We also hit up one of many candy shops so he could get a praline, what Georgia is known for. I opted for some delicious homemade fudge that was in a word - heavenly!

We made a big loop around the city before heading back to each of our hotels to rest up/shower/get ready for the night.

We had made a reservation for Tara Haunted Tours at 8pm that night. A walking ghost tour around historic Savannah entitled "Boos and Brews."  You guessed it folks - you got to carry a beer while you walked around hearing about ghosts. So there were ghosts for the wife and beer for me/my dad.

And yes you read that right, we are the people that ran that morning and signed up for a walking tour for the same night. Funny enough, we weren't the only racers in the group that night. :)

We were running late so we were only able to grab some chips & salsa at McDonough's Bar where the tour started, which meant we would have to eat at the final bar.

I don't like ghosts, but it was interesting learning about some of the history of Savannah and the wife was happy.

These bricks had people's fingerprints in them from when they were made

We also got to stop in three local watering holes along the way

We finished the two-hour tour at Moon River Brewing Company, where we enjoyed a late dinner and a few more brews. :)

After that the fatigue from the race really started to set in for me so we headed back to finally get some rest. But of course, I made sure to get my situps and #plankaday in before I hit the sack.

Overall, it was one perfect day in Savannah. I highly recommend Tara Tours to anyone looking for a little history of Savannah with a possible ghost sighting thrown in!