A Monday Morning At Pure Barre

Intimate class. Extra attention from the instructor.

Start the day out on the right foot.


Just a few of the many reasons why I enjoy taking a Pure Barre Burlington class in the morning!

With just a few days remaining in my month at Pure Barre, I took my normal Monday 7:10am class with Dana this morning and loved it - as usual.

She even noticed that I moved from my normal position in the right back corner of the room (near the clock/music) to the left front corner of the room. What can I say I was feeling wild. :0)

I highly recommend a morning class to anyone that can fit it into their schedule. The group is more intimate (in my opinion) and you can have more instruction from the instructor, while in the moment.

Dana does a great job of helping everyone out to make sure your form is spot on - which a newbie like me really needs.

She also does a great job of acknowledging and motivating each person in the room, which I always love ... but for some reason I especially appreciated it today.

Not sure if :

a) I needed the confirmation that after seven Pure Barre classes I actually looked like everyone else in the class - ie doing the correct move at the correct time ;)


b) I needed reassurance that the tuck I felt was strong/deep/right - was in fact strong/deep/right and I wasn't making things up in my head. :P

So despite having some back soreness from this weekend, I found with a proper tuck today I felt supported and able to hold all of the moves deeper than in previous classes. I did alter the "crunches" portion of the 7 minutes of ab as my neck had a twinge in it from a bad night of sleep.

(Wow, in this post I sound like I'm falling apart ... I promise I'm not - I hope!)

There is something to this practice makes perfect and those extra "tucks" while sitting in the car paying off.

I can't wait to see how class goes on Wednesday at 5:20pm with Jess at the helm and my contest winner Heather by my side.