Boston Marathon Photo Challenge

The Boston Marathon is a mere 32 days away... To many that is just a sentence to me it is about completing something I never thought possible.

I can remember watching my dad run Boston as a bandit during the 100th anniversary year.

(Note: bandit means he ran without an official racebib/number)

I grew up in Boston and on Patriot's Day there were two things everyone did: 1) watched or attended the early morning Red Sox game and 2) watched or attended The Boston Marathon.

And this year I will actually be running in it.

I will proudly wear my Tedy's Team singlet in honor of my grandparents - my Stroke heroes - and accomplish something I've only dreamed of ... hopefully! ;) As long as the temps aren't in the 90s again .... c'mon weather gods!

But, this post isn't about all my emotions about running The Boston Marathon - that post will be coming and I will make sure you all have tissues at the ready.

Today, I want to share an amazing Photo Challenge created by my friend Ty from Seeking Boston Marathon. I have been following Ty's training for Boston on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

It is the #30DaysToBoston #PhotoChallenge...


I was so excited about it that when Ty asked for partnership from other blogger's running I jumped right on board.

So the premise is pretty simple - especially if you have taken part in photo challenges before, just snap a pic associated with the subject for that day and post it on any of the social media outlets you have: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Make sure when you post your pic to include the 2 main hashtags - #30DaysToBoston & #PhotoChallenge - as well as the hashtag for the day.

Sound easy? Want in? Just get started on Sunday!

I think this is just the thing to get my excitement over running Boston to grow more than I thought it could. :P

So I will catch you on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter starting on Sunday...

And hey it's St. Patrick's Day so grab a beer while you do it!

That's carboloading, right? :)