Cambridge 5k Freedom Run - 5/26/13 - 24:57 (8:02 min/mile)

As we left Boston's Run To Remember, the wife & I had a game plan that we had figured out the day before. The route from Race #1 to Race #2 should've taken about 7-8 minutes. Plenty of time since we got to the car at 9:21. Welllll I then apparently forgot the route for the Run To Remember and our original game plan was completely ruined.

Thankfully I can think quickly on my feet ... okay usually not at all, but somehow I was going to get us from Storrow Drive to the Galleria Mall (where the start was) if it was the last thing I did. :O)

Apparently all of my Weight Watchers At Work meetings in Cambridge paid off because I was actually able to navigate us there in about 15-17 minutes.


We nabbed a spot on the street and quickly made it over to the Start area to meet up with Team Slumbrew, grab our beer wristbands and hit up the bathroom.

Yes, I made it through the whole Half Marathon, the post-race chaos and ride to Race #2 without going the bathroom. Thank you tiny bladder for coming through when I needed you most. :P

We made it to the Start Line with 5 minutes to spare and in enough time to take part in the 1-2-3 FREEDOM chant! :)

Such a powerful Start

The wife even got to wave one of the USA flags used in the previous day's #onerun to kick off the race.

As soon as I crossed the Start Line, I hit my Garmin and was wondering what the heck I was thinking. :P

How would my legs make it through another 3.1 miles?

But, I know they physically could as I have run farther distances in a day, but not all at the normal 5k or half speed.

So I just told myself to put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the amazing costumes at the race.

This race was also not about time, but about completing this challenge of back-to-back races and enjoy the day with my fellow Slumbassadors. :)

Eddie (race director) had told me the course was pretty flat - actually they said pancake flat - which I was with them until about Mile 2.5 where a gradual incline started forming.

Oh come on! I had made it this far.

Then I just dug deep and tried to catch up to my teammate Mark, who was JUST ahead of me on the right hand side.

I just kept telling my legs that we were that much closer to the beer.

As we rounded the final turn (which is also deceiving because they move the Finish Line back from where the Start Line was), I saw fellow Slumbrew teammate Eric cheering us on and he said "Dani, run it out."

So I did ... and as a result - this awesome photo was born! ;)

Photo Courtesy Cambridge 5k

Mark looks amazing and I look like well, I was finishing up my second race of the morning. :P

I came across the Finish Line and the wife was there to help me make it to water.

I somehow managed to run a 24:57 (8:02 min/mile) - which I will gladly take!!

The entire Slumbrew team rocked the race!

Aren't we one amazing group? ;)

I love catching up with my fellow Slumbassadors - we hadn't seen each other really since the last race and a quick Slumbrew launch party for Lobstah Killah!

It's amazing the people beer and running can bring into your life. :)

I finally got to meet fellow Fitfluential Ambassador, Kristen ... it fun meeting Social Media friends in real life!

Thanks for the pic Kristen

And after everything she went through in Race #1, Kim battled through and completed the Freedom Run 5k as well.

A couple of people asked us if we had won the Run To Remember and that is why we had medals. Of course my immediate response was "Oh no, they give them to everyone."

Ugh, next time I am going to say I won! I mean they don't know. ;)

I even got to see a handful of my Weight Watchers members and was so proud of all of them!

So overall, it was one amazing day where I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had one amazing time!

Thank you to my wife for putting up with my crazy antics of running back-to-back races and getting up at 5:30 on a Sunday.

I also want to thank Caitlin and Jeff from Slumbrew for allowing me to be the Team Captain.

It is an honor for me!!


Did you race over Memorial Day Weekend? Would you ever do back-to-back races?