Case of the Blahs...

Have you had those days? The days where it just seems like nothing is what you want?

The days where nothing seems to be going right?

I'm in that phase right now.

I don't like it. I hate it in fact. I much prefer being happy and loving life, but sometimes your emotions are out of your control!

But, I am working on it. That is all I can do.


It is a tough cycle. I have so much to be thankful for and when I feel down about life I feel guilty. How can I be upset when I have so much to appreciate and what do I really have to complain about.

But, as I've written before - we are all allowed to feel what we feel. Emotions are okay.

So I am allowing my brain to work through whatever it is that is going on inside.

Instead of shoving my feelings deep down with food or turning to hurting myself, I am feeling.

And what am I finding?

I'm ready to find my happy again. It is there in fleeting moments, but I am ready to get it back full-time.

So that means ... some serious reflection time on what I want out of life.

Can it be a 30-year old crisis? Maybe.

Either way I will get to the bottom of it!

For now, I will keep nixing my negatives with some positives!! Killing myself with kindness. :P


This ended up being some mind rambling, but I needed to put it out there - that is the point of the blog right?

How do you get over a case of the blahs? How do you find your happy?