Will I see you at Urban RAID Boston?

Do you reside in the Boston area? Do you want to take part in a wicked cool obstacle course?

Do you want to challenge your comfort zone?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, YOU should join me for the RAID Series Urban obstacle race in Boston on July 27th!

ONE MONTH FROM TODAY I will be tackling my 3rd obstacle course race. In September 2012, I completed my first Warrior Dash and in June 2013 I had a blast at Ruckus Boston.

According to their website:

Introducing a new, cutting-edge race series designed for a new breed of cross training athlete – The RAID. Come experience the next generation of obstacle racing; one that features varied terrain, large-scale customized infrastructure, and extraordinary venues that range from picturesque beaches, to energized downtown metros, to breath-taking mountain sides. The RAID offers you the chance to choose one or conquer all three races in distinct environments – a unique challenge that no other series can provide. For just under five miles in distance at each race course, you’ll be challenged to run, crawl, jump, climb, and scramble on sand, city streets and steep slopes. Our immense constructed obstacles are designed to test your strength, agility and fortitude, while keeping you safe and injury free. We want you to cross that finish line exhausted and ecstatic, with your friends and family cheering you on. And we want you to celebrate your accomplishment by joining your fellow athletes and fans at the post-race party, complete with recovery stations, sponsor booths, music, food, and beer!

They have a beach raid, a mountain raid and an urban raid ... so what will Boston's URBAN RAID entail?

Anyone who has run on busy city streets knows that it’s a challenge in itself. Urban RAID takes it to the next level by capturing the best of city landscapes and urban elements and incorporating them into an innovative and challenging course. The city is your course in Urban RAID.

Boston's URBAN RAID will take place at City Hall Plaza in downtown Boston on July 27 at 9am. The course is 3.1 miles (5k) with what looks like nine obstacles.

Now, this race is GEARED to people of ALL fitness levels and anyone over the age of 16! So if you are worried about participating in your first obstacle course race ... this seems to be on for you!!

If you are nervous about being able to participate in an obstacle, don't worry there are volunteers on hand to help!

Racers are required to complete all obstacles before continuing on in the race. Staff will be stationed at each obstacle to ensure no racers are skipping obstacles and are able to complete it. In the event that racer cannot complete, they will be assessed a penalty in the form of an alternate obstacle or 10 burpees.

Now this is the first time they are hold a Urban Raid race in downtown Boston, so there aren't actual photos of the obstacles yet ... but here are some drawings.


How cool would it be to cargo net up towards City Hall?


How exciting would it be to do some Marine Hurdles with the historic Faneuil Hall in the background?


Seems pretty cool right? A new way to check out downtown Boston.

If you want to join my team and I at Urban RAID Boston then head over to their site and register!

REGULAR ($65): JUNE 12 – JULY 25 ON-SITE ($75): JULY 26 – JULY 27

Oh yeah that's right - you can sign up as a team. How fun would it be to jump our of your comfort zone with some of your closest friends???

Your friends aren't "racing" type people? Okay, tell them there is an after-party!! :) That's right. RAID will be hosting a post-race party at a local bar, which will be revealed closer to race day.

So if you are looking for a new adventure and you love downtown Boston then this race is for you!

So again ... will I see you there with me on July 27?