The Words Of Tedy Bruschi Stuck...

Words can strike you at any time. Occasionally a person will say something and it means nothing in the exact moment, but days or weeks later the words come flooding back with full force and meaning.

Well, that happened to me today.

During my brief 2-mile run Monday afternoon, Tedy Bruschi popped into my head.

(Note: Tedy was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday night! YAY! Go Tedy!)

During one of the few times I was in the presence of Tedy during the Boston Marathon events with Tedy's Team, Tedy made a great speech.


He went on to talk about how the Boston Marathon itself was our party. That everything leading up to the Start Line was the work. We put in the blood, sweat and tears to make it to the Start Line.

So all that is left is to enjoy it - to soak up every moment of the run and PARTY!!

It meant something the moment he said it - so much that I started crying - but it truly didn't click until yesterday.

As I fret and worry about the upcoming Sprint Triathlon on Sunday and the Dopey Challenge in January, I need to let go of all of that when I hit the Start Line.

And it's freakin' spot on! I mean seriously ... and in all parts of life not just fitness-wise!

There have been races in the past where I can't tell you what the course was like or the spectators. Why? Because I was too focused on time to take in the experience.

Now as I push myself to new limits it's time to stop and smell the roses. During races it's time to ENJOY what I've spent so much time prepping for.

The hours of training are done and all that's left is the fun part - the event itself.

Which brings us to Sunday aka my first Sprint Triathlon.

I've been freaking out about it for awhile now. Why? Not so sure. I know I can do all of the elements and have been working on doing them in a row with minimal rest (aka BRICK workout).

But I think it is the unknown that really gets me. I don't know what to expect in a triathlon because I've never done one.

Well, that is the EXACT reason to "take it all in" on Sunday!

You only have one first triathlon, right?

Well, I won't have any rockin' music during the race or party favors, but I will have Tedy's words reminding me to PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999!!

(Okay, I paraphrased that last part!)



Do you agree with Tedy's thought process? Is your race your party?