Face It Friday: A Large Gain, A Reality Check & Motivation

Face It Friday: A Large Gain, A Reality Check & Motivation

I thought about hiding away from the scale. I feel like a broken record, but I have been struggling recently to find my mojo. I would really like to know where it is hiding. Have you seen it?

Clearly I have the activity part in check...

... but the food portion has been tough. Why? Because I have been a lazy emotional wreck when making choices. There is no one to blame but myself. I am the one bringing chips in the house under the guise that I can "have on serving." Well one serving is turning into 3 servings. But I say to myself "you are weighing and measuring it so that's okay." Ummmm no self. Just no.

So it is time to kick my own booty back into gear. Today is a fresh start.

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How do you IGNITE your Passion? Let PUMA help!

Who IGNITES your Passion?What IGNITES your Passion? When do you IGNITE your Passion? Why do you IGNITE your Passion? Where do you IGNITE your Passion?

My answers to the above questions could go on for days, but I only have a limited window on this blog to grab your attention to share what I am really passionate about. Hey! I know you have Twitter and Facebook  to get back to. I understand.

So today I will keep it easy and straightforward. I'll answer the most important of these potential questions...

... the how!

How do you IGNITE your Passion?

Since embarking on my final weight loss journey (the one that actually stuck) in 2009, I have vowed to motivate and inspire those around me to live healthy/balanced lives and to push the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Can I sum up my Passion in a single word or image? Probably not. Buuuttt I can come super close with this snapshot from the 2013 Boston Marathon - my 3rd marathon and first Boston.


I was frightened. This was the Super Bowl of marathons. But I was there with Tedy's Team in honor of my Stroke Heroes - my grandparents and my Father-In-Law - to help raise awareness and to fight Stroke.

Taking on the endeavor of the marathon and fundraising pushed me so far out of my comfort zone by body lost sight of it. THAT experience taught me more than I would expect.

It fueled my desire to push my body physically, mentally and emotionally. I wanted to rise to the occasion and learn the stories of other Stroke survivors/caretakers.

And now? Now I am gearing up for my 3rd Boston Marathon (t-minus 3 weeks) with Tedy's Team. The fire in my soul burning bright as the training miles pack on and the fundraising adds up (almost $23k in 3 years).

This passion and journey has grown bigger and brighter than I could've imagined...

Yet it was all ignited with a single decision!

And now PUMA wants to help YOU ignite your Passion through their new IGNITE line!


I was super excited to test out all of the pieces I received. I slipped into the PR Pure Fitted S/S tee first.


Thank tanks offered a mesh insert for improved air circulation and flat-lock seams for less friction and higher comfort.


CoolCELL highly functional materials draw sweat away from your skin while anatomically placed air-flow features offer you superior temperature regulation. And this sweaty/smelly girl appreciates that and the Cleansport NXT finish to ensure odor control. I mean who feels me on that??? I cannot be alone!

I paired the thank with the Essential 3/4 tights, which are made with highly functional materials to draw sweat away from the skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during exercise.


I really appreciated the Power Mesh internal waistband for additional tummy support and comfort, and waistband pocket for secure storage. Adios uncomfortable muffin top while working out.

FullSizeRender (20)

While the outfit made me feel sleek and ready to crush a PR... I felt like I needed some color. Ya know?

So welcome the Ignite Women's Running Shoe to the party!


Let's just check out the color description first: deep blue-team italia navy-FLUO PEACH. Umm yeah! Delicious. Can a shoe color be delicious? Well I'm making it a thing.


The Ignite Shoe offers:

  • Energy Return - Full length IGNITED foam midsole’s PU blend offers high rebound cushioning
  • Step in Comfort - Ignite foam provides instant comfort where you need it most
  • Long-Lasting Performance - Foreverfoam is used in the heel to disperse impact and provide extra durability

The Ignites main focus -

Maximum energy in for maximum energy out so you can stop running and start IGNITING


So how will PUMA start helping you IGNITE your Passion?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.



I can't thank you all enough for helping me hit the amazing milestone of 5k Twitter followers!

photo (8)

I never imagined my little haven would ever grow to be what it is today. It is an honor to share my journey 140 characters at a time with all of you.

As promised I am ready to give away a Weight Watchers Success Kit to one lucky follower.

photo (81)

So let's get right to it!!

Here's how to enter:

The giveaway will run from Wednesday August 27 (2pm ET) to Wednesday September 3 (2pm ET)!

Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday!

#GIVEAWAY: Free Entry To South Shore Half Marathon (11/2)

Annddddd the winner IS:

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Picking the perfect Half Marathon race can be tricky! There are a ton of factors: date, course, course limit, # of water stops, number of participants, race swag and of course BLING!

Well folks the inauguralSouth Shore Half Marathon on November 2 in Norwell, MA is hitting the nose on the head in all aspects. About 45 minutes outside of Boston.

south shore
south shore

Let's break it down.

The South Shore Half is a scenic back-roads course, which is closed to traffic (BIG WIN THERE!) This course is sure to offer something for runners of all experience levels. The half marathon will start in the driveway of the Norwell High School, and finish at the Norwell Post Office.

How can you go wrong running through a beautiful New England town with the leaves changing all around?

The 13.1 mile course has 11 water stops and a medical tent, which serves both Mile 5 and 9 of the course. 

The course limit for the race will be 3 hours and 30 minutes. I like hearing that the course will be closed for that entire time. I hate when I hear races open up the streets after 3 hours or less. Everyone should be safe.

Getting to and from the parking lot? They got it covered.

Shuttle buses will be provided from parking at Hanover Mall to the start line at Norwell High School and from the finish line in Norwell center to the Hanover Mall. The shuttle buses will start running at 5:30 AM from the Hanover Mall and will continue running from the finish line until 3:00 PM.

Not only do I love being part of inaugural races, but I love races that offer sweet swag!!

  • Long sleeve tech t-shirt
  • Half Marathon Finisher Medals 
  • Event running hat (register before 8/15/14 at midnight)
  • Commemorative pint glasses (register before 10/10/2014 at midnight)

Ohhh yyeaahh! That sounds right up my alley.

(Sorry I am posting this late so those who register from here on out are out of luck on the hat)

In the FAQ portion of the website, they list:

Are walkers permitted?
Feel free to run, walk, or crawl just make sure you can complete the half marathon course in under our course time limit (3 hours 30 minutes).

I like the inclusion of crawling! There are definitely some races where I feel like that may be the only way I get myself across the line.

The race does allow strollers, but asks those using strollers to start in the back of the pack for safety reasons.

Oh oh and how did I forget the post-race party. Each participant will get a free beer (brewery not listed yet) at Tinkers Son Pub at the Finish Line. Mmmm beer! :)

All of this is adding up to one sweet race and I cannot wait for it... and for YOU to join me!

That's right it is giveaway time!!

So here’s how to enter.

The giveaway will run from Sunday August 24 (2pm ET) through Friday August 29 (2pm ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Friday!