VERT Sasquatch Trail Race

I am not a trail runner. Okay glad I put that reminder out there. :P Last July I attempted my first "sprint" trail run - the VERT Race Series Sasquatch Race, which is a 2.35 mile run through the Middlesex Fells area.

It was SUCH an awesome experience that I jumped at the opportunity to run it again this year ... especially since I would be returning for my second stint as the Captain of Team Slumbrew.

How AWESOME are our team jerseys??

It was a hot and sweaty day on the morning of the race (Sunday July 14th), but I knew that it would be worth it. Plus, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to finally debut my BEER knee socks. :)

The race kicked off at 10am, but we had to be there by 8:45 to hand out the team jerseys. This was a huge day for us as it was our one-year anniversary of Team Slumbrew coming into existence. :)

Go us!

Thankfully most of the team picked their jerseys up in time for us to be in position for Wave 1 of the race - all teams were put in the same wave (1 of 3).

Eddie, the race director, let me pick my bib # - yes I geeked out and felt special. So why did I pick 82?

So I could do this of course...

Yup! I'm a giant dork! But we all know that.

I had ZERO expectations for this race. I just wanted to go out there and have fun - which I knew would happen either way.

Last year I had no idea what to expect with the race, but thankfully with a year under my belt I knew there were some hills involved so I could conserve my energy. :P

As we headed through the woods, I made sure to cheer and yell for all of my fellow Slumbrew teammates especially our young teenage teammate Zach - who was totally kicking my butt by the way!

I love a good action shot (photo thanks to VERT Race Series)

The course was a little over 2 miles long, but somehow felt longer. I think because I was working so hard on not falling. I remembered what Sarah had taught me the week before (during our 4+ mile train run): look 5 feet ahead, keep your arms out wider for balance and keep your legs behind your knees when running.

I knew to keep an eye out for a downhill "chute" which spit you out back on the field where we started for the final leg of the race. I looked down at my Garmin and say 1.9 miles - I knew the chute had to be close. And before I knew it, BAM! there it was. :)

There were a couple people on my tail so I tried to give everything I had in the final yards of the race. Unfortunately one that I had passed on the final hill came back to beat me at the Finish. Grr... haha! JK! :)

I ended up finishing 16 seconds SLOWER than 2012, but I was okay with that. I felt it was hotter than last year, but that was the big debate among participants this year. The course was marked as 2.35 miles, but my Garmin clocked it at 2.21. Either way it was just over 2 miles of FUN.

Every time I do this race, it makes me want to do work more trail running into my training plans. Now I just need someone to show me where to go and accompany me. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

After I finished, I loaded up on water and headed over to Stone Zoo for the post-race party! Gotta love a race that ends with a huge party full of local craft beer. Am I right?

The post-race festivities include local craft brewers (Slumbrew, Pretty Things, Notch and Night Shift), pizza and a dance off ... what more do you need?

A couple of my beautiful friends/teammates Kim & Vicki

Last year, our team had just 12 runners where this year we tripled in size to 36!

Aren't we hot?

Even though the wife couldn't run this year, she still came out to support the team ... and show off her sweet shades!

Eddie has been generous enough to let me give away an entry to each of the Cambridge 5k series races this year. Megan Sullivan won the entry to the Sasquatch race and we were able to meet up post-race!! :)

Congrats again Megan and so glad you were able to join us!! :)

In the end I finished 197th out of 858 overall and 43rd among females. Not too shabby in my humble opinion. And I was the third member of Team Slumbrew to finish.

Will I be back next year? You bet your booty I will.


Have you ever participated in a trail run? Do you enjoy a good brew after a run?