Weekly Workout Wind Up (7/11-17/13)

My week goes SOOO much better when I have training plans to follow than when I try "winging it!"  

Thursday, July 11: Rest Day


Friday, July 12: 5-Mile Run

july 12

Saturday, July 13: 2-Hour Bike Ride ... cut short because of a flat tire

july 13

Sunday, July 14: VERT Race Series Sasquatch Trail Race

july 14

Monday, July 15: Pure Barre class and 50-Min Spinning

2013-07-09 10.28.14

july 15-2

Tuesday, July 16: Pure Barre class and 4-Mile Run

july 16

july 16-2

Wednesday, July 17: 4-Mile Run, 1400-Meter Swim and Pure Barre

july 17

july 17-2

july 17-3


This has been one tough week with high temperatures and tons of humidity in Boston, but you just have to keep pushing through. Why? Because you never know what weather conditions will be like on race day!