What To Do With My Boston Marathon Space Blanket?

I was sooo looking forward to getting my first space blanket on April 15 following completion of the Boston Marathon. Now for those that don't know the space blanket as many people refer to it is the low-weight, low-bulk blanket made of heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting that many races give out to runners once completing a race.

Before Boston, I had run two marathons and a number of other races and NEVER gotten a blanket. I don't really know what my fixation was on the blanket, but I wanted in on the action. :P

So on the morning of April 15, I thought how I was just hours away from FINALLY being in the cool space blanket club.

But, as many know, the events of April 15 changed the normal post-race jubilation.

And that space blanket that I longed for because more like a life vest.


When I finally reconnected my family and we made our way home, it took me hours to remove the blanket from my shoulders. Once I finally did, I set up my little Boston Marathon corner of the living room so I could keep an eye on it.


This little memorial if you will stayed in tact in the corner of my living room until the roses died three weeks later.

But for some reason, I still couldn't move the blanket. So yes, three months later and the blanket still adorns a TV tray in my living room.


Now I need to move on. I need to remove the blanket from the TV tray. But, what do I do with it?

I CAN'T throw it away. Okay, I can physically throw it away, but emotionally I cannot.

So who has suggestions for me? What can I do to keep this space blanket around?