Weekly Workout Wind Up (7/18-24/13)

Unfortunately this has been a mainly running focused week. With my wife's knee surgery on Friday, I have been on nurse duty so trying to sneak in what I can when I can. But I can say that I ran every day this week - I can't remember the last time I did that! :) Bring on the Dopey Challenge!! BUT I did cross a huge running milestone: I passed the 600-mile run mark for 2013. My goal for this year is to run 1,000 miles and I think I will do it, especially if I keep on this rate! :)

*Knock on wood* No injuries ... Ain't no one got time for that! :P


Thursday, July 18: 5k-Run

july 18

Friday, July 19: 5.19-Mile Run

july 19

Saturday, July 20: 5-Mile Run

july 20

Sunday, July 21: 55-Min Spin and 4-Mile Run

july 21-a

july 21

Monday, July 22: 4-Mile Run

july 22

Tuesday, July 23: 3-Mile Run

july 23

Wednesday, July 24: 3-Mile Run and 1,800-Meter Swim


july 25-2


This has been one tough week with high temperatures and tons of humidity in Boston, but you just have to keep pushing through. Why? Because you never know what weather conditions will be like on race day!