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There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. At KIND, we believe you deserve both—we call it our brAND philosophy. That’s why you’ll find all of our snacks are pretty much the nirvana of healthful tastiness. What began with just 8 bar varieties in 2004 has grown to over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, and a multitude of new recipes being perfected and refined to our standards in the KIND kitchen.

Well KIND snacks pretty much sold me with that introduction to their company.

KIND snacks has been around since 2004, but didn't enter my radar until last summer. Yes I know I am behind the times. What else is new? ;)

I kept seeing their product at local races. Now, I am ALL about the free products at a race so I would pick one up and not really think anything about it until...

... I actually chatted with lovely ladies working the booth. I mean it took me long enough to say Hi to Lauren - I've seen her at pretty much every local run since moving back to Boston. It just took me time, okay? Okay.

Lauren was super sweet and told me a lot more about the message of KIND Snacks AND that it is more than just those yummy bars - there's granola too! Oh my!

KIND has started a movement on social media by using the hashtag #KINDAwesome. Have you seen it on Twitter or Instagram? They are encouraging folks to use it to capture the kind moments in life. It is really inspiring if you sort by that hashtag.

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind. —Henry James

After seeing Lauren at yet another race - VERT Sasquatch in July - we finally decided it was time for a little KIND giveaway here on the old blog. I'm looking out for you all. :)

So one day in early August, I came home from a tough Spin session to find this awesome sight on my porch.


Amazing message right on the bag

Aahhhhh!!! Glorious right?

But, it got better.


OOhhh yeaah!

As you can see as soon as I emptied out the KIND Healthy Snacks Mixed Case (Value $107.50) with a surprise treat of granola in there as well, I put the Weight Watchers PointsPlus Values on the packages. The bars on the right were all 5 PP each, the boxes on the left were all 6 PP and the granola for a serving (1/3 cup) was either 3 or 4.

Now my Weight Watchers friends may think these are kinda high PPV for a granola bar, but let me tell you they are WORTH IT!

I have been finding all sorts of ways to fit KIND bars and the granola into my plan.

*KIND Bars have been good for pre OR post workout fuel (biking, running, weight-lifting, swimming, prancercizing, etc). Now that I have started "running" the Harvard Stadium stairs at 6:30am on Tuesdays I need a good source of fuel beforehand that will keep me satisfied, but not weigh me down. I am one of those people that will get sick if I eat too much before a workout. Plus, I don't want to wake up at like 4am just to have something to eat and not get sick for a 6:30am workout. Who is with me?

Sooo instead I will pop a KIND Snack bar in my bag and I'm off.


I couldn't wait to take a pic of the yummy PB & Strawberry Bar (5PP) after doing a hill workout Wednesday so you just get to see half of it. ;)

*KIND Granola is actually an AMAZING bang for your buck when it comes to Weight Watchers PointsPlus Values or calories or just taste! ;)


You can have 29g (1/3 cup) for 3 PP of the PB Granola.


I seriously don't think I will ever eat yogurt without it again.

Yup - that good. :)

So do I have your mouth watering yet? Well, I am currently snacking on a Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bar (6PP) that is heavenly.

Oh you want your own now? Getting excited that you can actually pronounce all of the ingredients on the KIND Bar label? Loving the #KINDAwesome mentality?

Well, alright alright. Let's bring on the giveaway. :) You all deserve it.


So here’s how to enter to win your OWN KIND Master Mixed Case like mine:

The giveaway will run from Tuesday August 20 (10am ET) through Tuesday August 27 (9am ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Tuesday!