Going Going Back Back 2 Cali Cali

I'll give everyone a minute to finish up singing/dancing to the title of this post. Oh you know I busted a move while I wrote it. :)


That is totally me in the middle!

Anywho, what we were talking about?

Yes yes Cali.

So this afternoon I am off to Los Angeles. Woo! This will be my first time to LA.

When I go to LA I will just see celebrities everywhere and become BFF with them, right? Oh is that just on TV? Ah. Gotcha.

I lived in San Francisco for about 10 months in 2007 while I was working for the Giants. I visited San Diego with the team, but haven't been back in Cali since 2011.

I am heading to sunny warmer brighter California (sorry chilly Boston) for the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon which is on Sunday, October 27.

I will once again be reppin' my Got Chocolate MilkTeam Refuel orange/black singlet, orange Sparkly Soul headband, "gunmetal" Sparkle Athletic skirt and orange Zensah compression sleeves & sports bra.


Still love this pic from Mission Meltdown from RnR Philly

I thought about dressing up in costume since it is so close to Halloween, but am saving all my costume funds for the Dopey Challenge in January. ;)

I am wicked excited to hit up the West Coast and hopefully meet some social media friends/blog readers/fellow runners/Team Refuel running mates/Weight Watchers friends. I am planning on being at the Yard House near the RnR LA Expo (at LA Convention Center) at 1pm on Saturday.

dani-rnrla-meetup (1)
dani-rnrla-meetup (1)

Sooo if you are in the area please try and stop by! I would love to see as many people as possible. :)

I'm not sure how much of LA I will really see since I am not renting a car, but I'm sure running the half marathon will give me a glimpse into it.

Plus I will really just be soaking up the nice weather. :P


Many people have asked me how I am able to race/travel so much - frugality my friends.

Thanks to this blog and my Team Refuel sponsorship I have been awarded many complimentary race entries which I am truly truly honored and so thankful for. I would not be able to participate in some of the best local and national races without these honors.

But when it comes to travel and housing that is all me. I don't get any help/sponsorship for those so I use frequent flier miles to fly or I will ask my parents for a flight somewhere in place of a Christmas present. If it is a race in the Northeast, I have been able to get decent train tickets thanks to Amtrak or Bolt Bus. It isn't the quickest way to travel necessarily, but it is cost-effective. :)

For housing, I have been relying on the kindness of friends, family and teammates for a guest bed or a couch. A couch isn't the comfiest thing to sleep on the night before a race, but I will take it.

I try to also pick races that could become a racecation. If we are doing our one big vacation for the year, I will try to hook a race to it. For example, Disney in 2013 and 2014 have been our big splurges. Thankfully the wife goes along with that plan as well. ;)


But racing is expensive so if anyone has ideas of ways to get sponsorship or help with travel/lodging please let me know!!

For now, I will start packing for LA and be thankful I have a nice teammate in Ray who is letting me crash on his couch this weekend!


Have you been to LA? Running RnR LA? Do you travel for races?