Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/26-10/2/13)

This week was about two things resting and running!! Still trying to nurse this foot pain that came out of nowhere. Last week it started in the ball of my foot, but during my RnR Providence Half it moved to the right arch. I think it probably came from compensating while running, but I am still working on resting, icing and foam rolling. I will heal and still own my training as best as possible. I won't give up.

BUT I am ready for change. I am ready to get variety back into my workouts. I said this before, but I think now I really am ready.


Thursday, September 26: Mandatory REST


Friday, September 27: Mandatory REST


Saturday, September 28: ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon



Sunday, September 29: Rock 'n' Roll Providence Half Marathon


Monday, September 30: 46-Min Spin Class


Tuesday, October 1: REST DAY


Wednesday, October 2: 35-Min Stairmaster



I'm excited for a couple fun 5ks this weekend (Electric Run Friday night and Oktoberfest Sunday morning) with an attempt at a long run on Saturday.