Weekly Workout Wind Up (10/10-16/13)

And just when the back stops hurting, I come back from NYC and immediately get sick. Thank you fever/cold/virus for putting me right back on myu booty! :( I'm embarrassed by this. It doesn't even deserve a recap...  

Thursday, October 3: Mandatory REST


Friday, October 4Mandatory REST


Saturday, October 5: Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn 10k


Sunday, October 6Mandatory REST


Monday, October 7Mandatory REST


Tuesday, October 8: Mandatory REST


Wednesday, October 9: Mandatory REST


What will next week have to throw in my way???

Weekly Workout Wind Up (10/3-9/13)

This can be titled - that time I flared up my back and couldn't really do anything. :( Thursday, October 3: Mandatory REST


Friday, October 4Electric Run 5k


Saturday, October 5: 8.7-Mile Run


Sunday, October 6: Oktoberfest 5k


Monday, October 7Mandatory REST


Tuesday, October 8: Mandatory REST


Wednesday, October 9: Mandatory REST


Hopefully the back stops hurting in time for my weekend in NYC!!

Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/26-10/2/13)

This week was about two things resting and running!! Still trying to nurse this foot pain that came out of nowhere. Last week it started in the ball of my foot, but during my RnR Providence Half it moved to the right arch. I think it probably came from compensating while running, but I am still working on resting, icing and foam rolling. I will heal and still own my training as best as possible. I won't give up.

BUT I am ready for change. I am ready to get variety back into my workouts. I said this before, but I think now I really am ready.


Thursday, September 26: Mandatory REST


Friday, September 27: Mandatory REST


Saturday, September 28: ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon



Sunday, September 29: Rock 'n' Roll Providence Half Marathon


Monday, September 30: 46-Min Spin Class


Tuesday, October 1: REST DAY


Wednesday, October 2: 35-Min Stairmaster



I'm excited for a couple fun 5ks this weekend (Electric Run Friday night and Oktoberfest Sunday morning) with an attempt at a long run on Saturday.

Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/19-25/13)

Tough week. I was feeling great until I hit 10.53 miles into my 15-mile run on Sunday. Something was going on in the ball of my foot out to my second toe. Not a happy camper to have to stop my run early. Tried to run Monday and only got 1 mile in before pain started. So I had to take rest days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tough. I was going to try to Stairmaster or Elliptical, but was advised to try to rest it as much as possible. I DID PASS 850 miles run for the year!! At the end of this week I was at 862 miles. Woo! Bring on my goal of 1,000 miles run in 2013!

Thursday, September 19: 3-Mile Run


Friday, September 20: 2-Mile Run


Saturday, September 21: VERT Race Series Big Bad Wolf 5-Mile Trail Run


Sunday, September 22: 11-Mile Run


Monday, September 23: 1-Mile Run and 53-Min Spin Class



Tuesday, September 24: REST DAY


Wednesday, September 25: REST DAY


I am praying it is okay this weekend with back to back half marathons. Here's hoping rest and foam rolling was the trick!

Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/12-18/13)

Well with a race and weekend away this was pretty much an all running week, which I expected. I didn't expect to be so wiped when I got back from Philly that I would REALLY take advantage of the rest day on Tuesday. But I made up for it on Wednesday. I am really hoping that with a lower key weekend coming up I can plan a more well rounded week of workouts for next week. I miss running stairs. I miss my Jillian Michaels DVDs. I miss swimming. I miss Spinning. I miss all those after 1 week. ;)

Thursday, September 12: 5k Run


Friday, September 13: TRAVEL DAY to RnR race in Philly


Saturday, September 14: 3-Mile Run


Sunday, September 15: RnR Philly Half Marathon (PR 1:44:12)


Monday, September 16: Virtual Birthday 5k


Tuesday, September 17: REST DAY


Wednesday, September 18: 4-Mile Run, 35-Min Stairmaster, 30-Min Elliptical & 2.6-Mile Run




5-mile Trail Race on Saturday - let's hope I come out of it injury free! :)

Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/5-11/13)

In a rare (and much needed ) turn of events, I had two rest days this week. I think my body was appreciative of the extra downtime. There are many people that say you can overtrain and I am really trying to avoid that. So I think this week happens to be a lower mileage week in the #DopeyChallenge training and it is coming at the right time. I am really hoping that after this week, I can start adding the variety back in to my workouts that I had earlier in the summer. But between work, blogging and life I haven't had time to add the variety recently.

Hi Excuses! My name is Dani.

But as my schedule changes at work, I need to get creative to add in the runs I need plus some other fun stuff.

I will make it work!!

Plus, I think I am going to get a bike trainer for the fall/winter since we all know the bike is my weakest part of the triathlon so I need to work extra hard at it this offseason.


Thursday, September 5: REST DAY


Friday, September 6: 8-Mile Run


Saturday, September 7: 6.3-Mile Run


Sunday, September 8: Women's Sprint Triathlon (1/2 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Bike, 5k Run)


Monday, September 9: 4-Mile Run and 50-Min Spin



Tuesday, September 10: REST DAY


Wednesday, September 11: 4-Mile Run



Bring on the Rock 'n' Roll Philly Half on Sunday! :)

Weekly Workout Wind Up (8/29-9/4/13)

At least I got one swim in this week since I do have that Sprint Tri on Sunday! Oops! ;) In an attempt to get ready for #DopeyChallenge, I ran a 5k then 10k then Half Marathon over three days. On the fourth (which would be the marathon) I did run 5.2 miles. I legs didn't feel as tired as I thought, but the thought of adding 21 miles to that final run is kind of daunting. But I know with more training I will be ready!!

Thursday, August 29: 1.5-Mile Run


Friday, August 30: 5k-Run, 30-Min Stairmaster and 20-Min Elliptical



Saturday, August 31: 10k-Run


Sunday, September 1: 13.1-Mile Run broken into 9.1 and 4.0 mile runs


Monday, September 2: 5.2-Mile Run


Tuesday, September 3: 5-Mile Run and 1,000-Meter Swim



Wednesday, September 4: 5k-Run 



Bring on the Tri! :)

Weekly Workout Wind Up (8/22-28/13)

Well this week I didn't find a way to incorporate my Jillian Michaels DVDs back into the mix, but I will.  

Thursday, August 22: 5k-Run


Friday, August 23: 10k-Run


Saturday, August 24: 12-Mile Run


Sunday, August 25: Spin Class


Monday, August 26: 3-Mile Run, 2-Mile Run and 53-Minute Spin



Tuesday, August 27: REST DAY


Wednesday, August 28: 5-mile Run with 3 hill repeats at the end



But now that I apparently have a Sprint Tri on 9/8 - hello free entry - I need to get back in the pool and on the bike this week... Oh yeah and tackle that little "hilly" half marathon in NH on Sunday!

Good problems, right?

Weekly Workout Wind Up (8/15-21/13)

I need to get back some variety into my workouts, but this was a solid week of running.  

Thursday, August 15: Cross-Training Day (35-min Stairmaster)


Friday, August 16: 6-Mile Run


Saturday, August 17: 10.04-Mile Run


Sunday, August 18: Race To The Row 5k (official time: 21:59.2)


Monday, August 19: 5-Mile Run and 50-Minute Spin (plus walk to and from gym)



Tuesday, August 20: Harvard Stadium Stairs (30 sections) and 30-min Stairmaster/20-min Elliptical (plus walk to and from gym)



Wednesday, August 21: 5-mile Run and 2.75-mile Walk



Here's to getting back to the swim and finding a way to watch my Jillian Michaels DVDs! :P

Weekly Workout Wind Up (8/8-14/13)

The first full week of Dopey Training ended on Sunday so this week featured much more running than anything else. I am still working on keeping a good balance between running and cross training. I've found that my running is greatly improved by cross training - which I think everyone can agree on! :)  

Thursday, August 8: 2.2-Mile Run


Friday, August 9: 4.01-Mile Run


Saturday, August 10: 10-Mile Run


Sunday, August 11: 5-Mile Run


Monday, August 12: 5-Mile Run and 50-Minute Spin (plus walk to and from gym)



Tuesday, August 13: Harvard Stadium Stairs (25 sections) 


Wednesday, August 14: 5-Mile Run and 6.05 Mile Run (1-Mile Warmup, 6xHills, 1-Mile Cooldown)




Let the Dopey Challenge training continue! :P