Dopey Challenge Update

One month. One month until I take on the biggest challenge of my running career.

That's right.

The Dopey Challenge begins one month from today.


How time flies! I announced on April 9 that "I'm Dopey!"

And now the final decisions and training gets done.

Trip - January 7-14.

Flights - booked.

Hotel - reserved. We got into Pop Century after our original hotel fell through.

Park Tickets - bought.

Magicbands - secured.

Race Retreat - registered.

Meetup - set.

WDWRaceTweetUp (1)
WDWRaceTweetUp (1)

Make sure you join Kat (@KatrinaElleP), Linzie (@SeeSharpRun) & I at Downtown Disney on January 9 at 1pm for a sweet TweetUp. There will be fun, friends and prizes!!  Stay tuned for a list of the awesome prizes we will be giving away that day!

Costumes - decided.


5k - Minnie Mouse

10k - Tinker Bell

Half - Jessie from Toy Story


Yes I am reusing costume from the Disney Half in January 2013! It was a winner! :)

Full - Snow White

Training - ummmm....

So here's where the plan goes a tad awry. I was rocking a great training plan until September 22nd when everything changed.

Enter metatarsalgia.

I think you can see how it has affected my training:

August: 129.00

September: 128.90

October: 65.40

November: 54.50


So where do I stand today? My longest run since I started Dopey Training in August has been a half marathon. I haven't run that far since October 27 when I took on the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Los Angeles.

At this point in time, I should be knocking out a 20-mile training run every weekend in December. But that won't be happening.

My goal now is to build as good of a base as I can. I am taking part in the #RWRunStreak and have put in at least 1 mile every day since Thanksgiving.

I am going to try to get in at least one 20-miler before I head to Disney if possible. If I don't, it will be okay. I know I will finish the Dopey Challenge.

I am not participating in the Dopey Challenge for time, but for fun! You can bet I will be taking pictures with as many characters as possible and sharing laughs with friends.


I am actually running the 10k with Krissy, possibly the Half with Kat and maybe the Full with my friend Kitty. Now if only I can find a friend for the 5k. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ;)

Did that sound desperate?


No matter what I will complete those 48.6 magical miles and these 6 glorious medals will be mine.


And I will enjoy every single second of the journey!


Are you also taking on the Dopey Challenge? How is your training coming along?