Tedy’s Team Group Run – 10 Miles

I knew today I needed the group for this to be a successful 10 mile run. This would mark my longest run since the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles Half on October 27. Exactly. :P My teammate and ride, Meg, wouldn't be making it today so thankfully my dad swept in and was able to drop me off at Joint Ventures in Kenmore Square to meet the team. I was one of the first to arrive, which gave me ample time to use the foam rollers pre run.

Now if you remember from last week, I ended up behind the rest of the group because my Garmin was having trouble finding satellites. So this week I tried something new. I actually located satellites before I went into the building and kept my Garmin by the window while I stretched and chatted pre run. When I walked out the door with the group I was ready to rock and roll immediately. Yay!

I set out with Nanci, Cristina and Sara and as usual we fell right into conversation. The three of them actually ride to the runs together so we were talking about how having that accountability is so helpful to get to the training runs. It was also nice to talk with other runners about checking the ego at the door and knowing that these long runs aren't about pace, but putting in the miles.

Somewhere between Mile 1 and 2, I heard my name from someone behind me. It ended up being Erin, a girl who I met on the bus to Hopkinton/Start Line the morning of the Boston Marathon. How crazy is that? We met in line waiting for the buses and ended up sitting next to each other on the trek up there. Erin and I had a great conversation before heading to our separate charity houses. After the bombings, I always wondered what happened to Erin and her family (especially her dad who also ran as a qualified runner). It was GREAT to see her.

photo 3 (11)

Erin didn't finish that year and is running in 2014 with the Melanoma Foundation. She let me know that from here on out she would be joining us for the Saturday long runs. Yay!

Mile 1: 9:29 Mile 2: 9:24 Mile 3: 9:15

Just after hitting Mile 3, we had our water stop. They always seem to come juuust at the right moment.

Thankfully I was so wrapped up in conversation with the crew that I wasn't even thinking about pace or my foot pain. Yet another reason why I like running with a group.

Mile 4: 9:15 -- a nice hill at BC. I use the term "nice" loosely. ;) We got to avoid it last week since it was the turnaround point for our 8-miler, but since we were doing the 10-miler this week - no such luck. :P I know hill training is necessary, especially for Boston, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

Nanci and I were booking up the hill together swapping Fundraising ideas, which is wicked helpful.

As we approached the Mile 5 turnaround, we were able to enjoy a downhill, but of course you have to turnaround at that point and the hill is there to welcome you back.

Mile 5: 9:10

After the turnaround, I ended up back next to Erin so it was a great time to learn more about each other.

Mile 6: 9:10

The water stop ended up at 6.92 miles. It was nice to know we had just 3 miles left to the Finish. I think the paces can show that we were in a good groove together.

Mile 7: 8:46 Mile 8: 8:46 Mile 9: 8:37 Mile 10: 8:39

I felt great after the 10-mile run. My foot pain was dull and constant, but it has been that way for months so it wasn't anything new. Otherwise the body felt great, especially with it being Day 31 of the #RWRunStreak.

photo 1 (15)

John, our running coach, let us know that this route is actually hillier than last year because we are starting in a different spot. I just keep telling myself that it is worth it and I know it will be.

Before today's run I made egg whites and toast an hour before the run would start and I felt great. I think it was the perfect mix of protein and carbs. With every run, I tweak the pre-run fuel to find the perfect mix and I think this will definitely go into the rotation from here on out. Fueling is different for everyone and takes some trial and error for sure.

After chatting with the rest of the group and doing a little extra foam rolling, it was time to get a ride home from my mom and of course make a stop at Dunkins. I love a good post-long run iced coffee and hash browns ... worth every Point! ;)

photo 2 (11)

Until next week's run...


Week 3 Workouts:

Sunday, December 22: 15 min walk to gym, 55 min Zumba class and 6 mile run

Monday, December 23: 4 mile run and 47 min Spin class

Tuesday, December 24: 30 min stairmaster, 30 min elliptical and 5 mile run

Wednesday, December 25: 3 mile run

Thursday, December 26: 3 mile run

Friday, December 27: 6 mile run

Saturday, December 28: 10 mile group run and a 1 hour gym/coffee date with a friend


Looking To Donate

Are you interested in helping to fight Stroke? Please feel free to click on the link HERE to share a donation. Wondering how much? How about $10 in honor of the 10 miles I ran today with Tedy's Team?

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