Dopey Challenge Race 2: Inaugural Minnie 10k

I was a part of history!!! That's right folks! Dani Holmes-Kirk will go down in the record books.

When future historians look back at what happened in 2014, they will see my name in the list of people who participated in the inaugural Minnie 10k.

Yup - that's right!

I'm in the record books. :)

After I announced that I would be undertaking the Dopey Challenge, my friend Krissy (from Shiawase Life) told me she was going to take part in the 10k and suggested we run it together! YAY! :) I love having a running partner. Plus, I knew she would help me focus on the fun and pictures and keep the pace slow.

I let Krissy know that I would be rocking the Tinkerbell costume for the 10k and she decided to do a partner costume ... which I will reveal shortly.

Let's get to the day...

On Friday, January 10th, I started the earlier wakeup calls with a all three phones (mine, my wife's and the room's) all went shrieking off around 3:15am. I once again leaped out of bed and started getting into my costume.


The outfit wouldn't have been complete without Tink's pom poms on the shoes. :)

I once again grabbed up my ENERGYBits, Lara Bar and Armpocket and headed out to the busses. My need to be on one of the earlier busses allowed me to get to the Start area with plenty of time to hit the port-o-potties, bust a little move and get in place to meet Krissy near Corral A. :)


And there she was ... my Tiger Lilly!


Aren't we cute??

We had an EASY time passing the time before the race started. Between chatting, running into other folks we knew and generally loving hanging out, the time flew. Before I knew it, it was time for us to sashay - if you will - up to the front-ish part of the corral. Yes I had learned the day before that they let you into the corral on one side and let you out the other side to actually head to the Start Line.

It is amazing to instantly click with someone IRL after building a friendship online. This was just the second time that Krissy and I had hung out in person and it felt like we've been hanging out for ages.

We did some more sashaying to try and get a tad closer up to the Start Line.


After a second day of Run Disney announcements, Cigna spokesperson and the National Anthem, the fireworks went off and we hit the road.

I hit my Garmin as we crossed the Start Line - mainly out of habit than caring about pace - and we headed out through the EPCOT parking lot.


The course mark above shows the 5k route in Blue and the 10k route in Red. Parts overlapped as you can see, but we did spend more time in the EPCOT parking lot area in the beginning.

I will say the first mile of the race didn't include any music or character sightings, which was disappointing. BUT, the first character stop we did see ... was PERFECT for Krissy and I. Here's why:


AH-MAY-ZING right?

We were probably in the parking lot/outside EPCOT for the first half of the race before...


...heading into EPCOT.

Also there were some awesomely hyper and awake volunteers cheering us on and high-fiving us as we ran through. I do not want to know how early those poor people had to be there. Ouch! I hope they know how much we appreciate their lack of sleep.

Krissy and I did a great job of stopping at every single character (yes keeping my streak alive) and got some characters I hadn't seen on the course before like



(Note: Holy sweat Batman!)


Goofy as a football player

After running through the World Showcase,


we took the bridge over to the Boardwalk.

It was cool to check out a new area that I hadn't run on before and on a different surface - wood.

Krissy and I were just talking about life, running. what I could expect from the marathon route since she had done it before and overall having a great time.


Can you tell? :)

And please don't ask if I was trying to raise the roof or something. I'm not sure what I was going with there.

I will say I expected more characters on the course since it was twice as long as the 5k and was disappointed. I know it was the first year of the race, but I thought it would've offered more.

I did like how they took us on a different route within the park (besides World Showcase) so the surroundings weren't the exact same as the 5k.

But as soon as it started it was ending. I'm not sure 6.2 miles has flown so quickly before. Now I told Krissy I wanted to do something on the Finish like holding hands victoriously. Well we were ready for a magical Finish Line photo when...


... we got photobombed. AND two guys tried to top us:


How Rude! I mean really. ;)

We officially clocked a time of 1:05:40, grabbed our medals and headed for some post-race photos.



Donald got into the flying! 


Ladies' Morning

While we were waiting in line for the photos, I actually got to finally run over and give the We Run Disney ladies a hug. I hadn't met them in person yet, but was so excited to even get a hug in. :)

Once we got our character pics, we headed back to the Finish Line to meet up with Kat (from Katrina Elle) and Linzie (of See Sharp Run) so we could all get some celebratory hugs, high-fives and pics in.


Yay lime green


#wdwracetweetup reunion

After we all got our fill of each other ;), Kat offered to give me a lift back to the hotel since she and Linzie drove. I couldn't resist more time with friends so I said yes. After a nice trip around the parking lot to find Kat's car - yes that happens when you park at like 3:30am in pitch black.

I need to give Krissy a special THANKS for being a great running partner. Let's do it again chica! :)

Once I finally got back to my room, it was time to shower, change and take this lovely medal on the road.


After refueling with Got Chocolate Milk of course!


Oh yeah I wore both the 5k and 10k medal to Hollywood Studios. After the race Minnie had a line wrapping around the Finish Line area and I just didn't want to wait. THEN at Hollywood Studios we fell into an opportunity to get a private pic with Minnie in her "dressing room" and this gem was born.


Awesome, right?

We had a great afternoon at Hollywood Studios before enjoying dinner with my parents at Hollywood & Vine. But before we made it to dinner, a Disney photographer caught Wreck It Ralph & Vanellope oogling over my bling.


I ended the day celebrating my 2-year anniversary of hitting goal weight with Weight Watchers with a beer.


Of course.

After dinner and the bus ride home, I promptly passed out in order to rest up for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon.

Catch ya at the recap?