It's FINALLY Dopey Challenge & Disney Time!

It's here! It's here! It's here! It's ...


Ahhh I know. Who else is stoked that it's Tuesday?

Wait wait!

This note is being handed to me as I type ... it more than just Tuesday!

It is time to head to DISNEY!


How could that have slipped my mind? ;)

For those that may have missed why I am going Disney, you can catch up on the background info here.


But simply put - I'm heading to Disney to have a great vacation with my family (my parents and wife) and to OWN the Dopey Challenge!

I can't believe we finally leave for Disney today. We have been planning this trip since April and it is actually happening.

We have a great week planned. That's right we are going from Tuesday, January 7 to Tuesday, January 14, which includes 5 days checking out the Disney parks.

As I started packing yesterday - yay last minute! - I set out each of the race costumes to make sure I wasn't missing anything!

Want to see the costumes? I know they are what people care about. :)

5k - Minnie Mouse

photo 1 (18)

10k - Tinkerbell

photo 3 (14)

Half - Jessie from Toy Story

photo 2 (14)

Full - Snow White

photo (16)

Woo! I love how they all came out. I hope you like them as much as I do. I know the shirts are all a little too big and not all that flattering, but I hate tight clothing when I run so I went comfort over fit.

Oh and yes I will be wearing running sneakers this week! ;)

Thankfully focusing on the costumes distracted me from the nerves about the challenge itself.

Did my training go as well as I wanted it to? No. I hit an injury that has impacted my right foot since September. As a result, I haven't run more than 13 miles in a row since October. BUT, I did take part in the #RWRunStreak, where I ran every day for 35 days totaling 153.1 miles. Having that stamina makes me think my body is ready for the test.

But my goal for the Dopey Challenge is to survive, collect my 6 medals and HAVE FUN!!! :)

Besides the races and the parks, I am wicked excited to host a Disney tweetup with my friends Linzie from See Sharp Run and Kat from Katrina Elle on Thursday, January 9th at 1pm in Downtown Disney.

WDWRaceTweetUp (1)

Be sure to join us if you can. In addition to hanging out with fellow runners, there will also be GIVEAWAYS!! :)

I want to give a big THANK YOU shout out to our sponsors:

Zensah Compression
We wouldn't have such amazing prizes without them!
While I will be bringing a laptop with me, I'm not sure I will be blogging about the whole experience until I get home. That being said I will have my new iPhone with me so feel free to catch the journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!! :)