An Incident On The Train

Today was what we call a "Riverside" run which means we took the T from Kenmore Square to the Riverside stop and then we run the 10 miles back to Boston., including Heartbreak Hill. As we were on the train, I was chatting with my Tedy's Team running mates about this and that. At one point, I brought up something about my wife.

I noticed the stranger next to me, look at me, mumble something under his breath then turn to his phone and send the following text:

"There all lezbos here. What the f*&k?"

Now it initially got me angry then all I wanted to do was turn to him and say:

"It is actually they're not there."

But instead I sat and mentioned something to my teammates. They were shocked.

I turned a hurtful moment into something wonderful as I saw the people around me in my life just as angered and confused by the instance as I was.

Gay or straight - Love is love!!