Monday Musings: Black Cat 20-Miler, Blue Trailer & Ordinary Runner Holder Giveaway

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Congrats Laurel!


Do you need some motivation on this Monday????


BAM! The exact words I need to read/see regularly or just have tattooed on my body to remind me why I started my running/weightloss journey. I hope it gives you a little strength for whatever you have to do, conquer or face this week.


I needed these four words as I prepare to take on the Black Cat 20-Miler on Saturday.

black cat

On one hand, I am nervous to tackle my first 20-mile training run since March 2013. On the other, I remind myself that I completed the amazing Dopey Challenge in January (4 races, 4 days, 48.6 miles) so a 20-mile training run shouldn't be so nerve-wracking.

Additionally, I did run 17.4 miles last Saturday (February 15) with Tedy's Team and it was a pain-free experience.


No matter the rationalization that goes on in my head ... I still get a little anxious before such a big run. Especially when I will be taking on the challenge alone. No this isn't a road race for one :P but I mean I won't be surrounded by the members of Tedy's Team. In Disney, I was also distracted from the miles by the characters, parks and the general excitement of the Dopey Challenge.

But, on Saturday, I will battle the mental demons that haunt me during a solo long run. This WILL be a good test of my mental strength and how important my music playlist selection will be. ;)

How will I prepare in the days leading up to the 20-miler though? Strategically. I do NOT want to head into Saturday on tired legs, which means this week will be a combination of running, biking, swimming and yoga.

Since this is the first of two 20-mile training runs, I will use it as a test of my strategy. Everything is a learning experience and can only improve my training plans.

*Potential* Game Plan:

Sunday: 1.5 hour bike trainer session and 6 mile walk with my wife Monday: Run and Spin Tuesday: Swim and Run Wednesday: Yoga Thursday: Rest Friday: Bike

That is what I have for now so we will see how it goes, while I start a new job this week. Either way I think I will be rested, yet prepared for Saturday's 20-Miler. The biggest hurdle will be NOT getting swept up in the "race" atmosphere of the race. Thankfully many of my recent races have been used as training runs so I am getting better at blocking out the runners around me.

AND getting over the mental part of doing a 10-mile loop twice. There will be runners finishing while I head out on a second loop. Sometimes seeing the Finish Line during a race can take me out of my plan, but I won't let that happen Saturday!


Do you worry about keeping your belongings at bag check? How about in your car while you try to race? Or you bribe a friend, parent or relative to be your "pack mule" and hold everything you own?

I've answered "yes" to all three.

So I am looking forward to testing out the new locker system put on by Blue Trailer at the Black Cat race on Saturday.

blue trailer

Molly, the founder of Blue Trailer, provided me with some helpful information about locker rentals:

- $5 for a small locker (6"x6"x9), $10 for a large locker (12"x12"x12")
- Rent online in advance or in person with cash or credit
- The staff will give you a key to your locker, which you can access it anytime until the end of the event. When you're done, just lock up and drop your key in the key drop
- If you don't have a pocket, the staff will have elastics or safety pins for your keys. If you'd prefer, Blue Trailer can keep the key for you while you run.
- The trailer will be monitored at all times to make sure your stuff is kept safe!

If you will be running the Black Cat 10 or 20-miler on Saturday and want to try out the Blue Trailer lockers (you know I will be), please sign up online (here) and use code WEIGHTOFF to receive 20% off your order!! Go run ... Do it ... I'll wait!

<<groovin' to elevator muzak>>

All set?


I look forward to seeing you there!


Now, I need a place to show off the bling I will earn after Saturday's Black Cat 20-miler. You KNOW I can't leave my medals hidden in a drawer or piling up in a shoebox.

Interestingly enough, Ordinary Runner stepped in to fill my void. Becki, owner of Ordinary Runner, produces and sells race medal holders ($20-27) and bib holders ($20-23) on

photo 2 (25)

She offered to produce this masterpiece for me (value $25). Isn't it pretty? I was able to choose the phrase (from a certain list she provided), the background color, as well as the finish of the knobs. I loved being able to personalize the wood rack. (haha rack)

photo 1 (30)

The wooden holder was easy to mount on the wall - just needed the two nails included. Simple enough even I could handle it... but I let the wife feel needed and had her hang it. ;)

photo 4 (12)

How awesome does it look? While waiting for my Black Cat medal, I decided to show off my Boston Athletic Association bling in the meantime. I can't handle leaving a medal holder empty.

Becki gave me the tip to fold the tops of the ribbons to help them better sit on the knobs. It was a helpful tip, which kept the medals from falling off during transport from couch to wall. :)

Now comes the fun part. Becki has graciously offered to give one lucky reader their very own medal holder!! Woo!!

So here’s how to enter:

The giveaway will run from Monday February 24 (8am ET) through Friday February 28 (5pm ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Friday!