Where's The Switch?


Instead of the Easy Button, I need a Mental Switch.

A mental switch for what you may ask?


Here's the situation that made me want to create such a device.


I was looking at recent race photos and just feeling blah. Yes I know race photos aren't always the most flattering photos and it doesn't help that it was about 7 degrees the day of the race so I was layered up enough to look like the marshmallow man.

photo 3 (27)

But, I digress...

I was just feeling uninspired looking at the photos. Of course my first thoughts were: your thighs look huge, how many chins can one person have, etc. Now I know to immediately counter those with a positive. Which I was, hell yeah you rocked that 20-mile run, you were out there in 7 degree weather, you posted a sub 9 min/mile pace the entire time, etc. Oh and had fun!

photo 3 (26)

But, I still couldn't shake the initial thoughts.

I am always my own worst critic - as many folks are. I try the self-love. I am working on it - truly.

So I was having these thoughts and texting with a friend - a fellow Weight Watchers Lifetime member/runner/triathlete - and I was lamenting the thoughts I was having.

Her response:

"Right there with you the negative thoughts but a little bit of something for you. I was looking at some of your recent pictures lately and I wished to myself that I was as skinny as you."


Reading those words: 1) shocked me because this friend is one of my Rock Star idols and 2) that she would see me in that light.

It made me ask:

WHY can't I have a mental switch that allows my brain to see a picture of me or situation I am in and only let me see it through a friend's eyes?

Now, I know it is a mental exercise I am working on, but in the meantime I would really like to just have a switch where it happens instantaneously.

Can anyone relate?

PS. Copyright this idea Dani Holmes-Kirk 2014. <<Just need to cover my bases>> ;)