Friday Five

Rarely do I participate in the "list" posts based on alliteration and the day of the week. However Three Things Thursday really plays into my love of alliteration the most.


And when I see Friday Five all I can think of is the Subway commercial: "Five Dollar ... Five Dollar Foot Long ..." No one else? Just this jingle-loving lady? Dat's cool. I'm an original. ;)


I tend to participate when I have a bunch of random thoughts that wouldn't make sense to put in one blog post normally, but for some reason is totally acceptable when it is in a list like this.


So let's get right down to business - shall we?


1) I saw the below image come across my Facebook newsfeed this morning and immediately wished I could like it a million times or upgrade to a HELLZ YEAH button or something along those lines.

not everyone

It SCREAMS what I feel like I tell people all the time ... especially my Weight Watchers members.

If you do not like going to the gym, then don't go. If you don't like to run, don't! Don't feel pressure to do exercises you don't enjoy.


Because you won't stick with it!!

I am going through that with yoga right now. I keep trying to like it and enjoy it because I know I've been told I should go to make me a better runner. But it doesn't excite me. I have YET to get excited about going to yoga class.

NOW maybe I haven't found one that works for me, but either way. I am not listening to my own advice. Don't do it just because other people like it or it is the "in" fad right now.


2) #DontJudge and #SorryNotSorry

It grinds my gears that folks feel the need to apologize or ask not be judged for a decision they made. I tend to see #DontJudge used often with a picture of an unhealthy food choice or the decision not to workout when they previously planned to. Same thing with #SorryNotSorry.

Why can't we live in a judgement free society? I always want to write back I'm not judging you or you don't have to apologize.

We are all on different journeys and paths which makes us unique. I love following people that are not always "perfect" because that is how I roll. Life is about ebbs and flows. I am not perfect and I know that is okay.

I am going to have a beer and that's okay because it is on my plan.

When I first started this blog I worried about sharing the non-healthy foods or beverages I may have, but then I realized that is me and that is life. It is how I choose to live it.

No one should look down on anyone else for choices he or she makes, you don't know that person's entire story.




3) New Sneaker Confusion

The night before our big 20-miler I decided to splurge and buy a pair of full-priced ASICS GT-2000s off of I normally purchase solely off their Liquidation tab - hello big discounts - but I was going to treat myself.


Because they have a color combo pretty close to the Boston Marathon colors for 2014. Hey! A girl needs to match the jacket every once in awhile. ;)


So I hit the submit button and waited for my shoes to arrive on April 1, but they never came. Same on April 2 and 3. I started to get concerned. I went back through my emails and credit card statement ... Nothing. Did I imagine the purchase? Did I do it in a dream?

Last night I pulled the plug and reordered the sneakers. I think I found the total USER error from the first attempt. I'm thinking I stopped one screen too soon.

Either way the new splurge is done and I can't wait for them to arrive. Is it April 8 yet?


4) Thanks to KIND Snacks and the Boston Red Sox I got to surprise two of my favorite people: the wife and the BFF with surprise deliveries.


I received the following note from KIND:

KIND Healthy Snacks(KIND) is proud to have teamed up with the Boston Red Sox to spread kindness throughout Boston. Now through April 3, you can send a personalized note, flower and package of KIND bars (that will be delivered via bike messenger!) to a friend, family member, colleague or anyone living in the Boston area in hopes of brightening their day -- all completely complimentary.


KIND and the Red Sox recognize that Boston embodies the word “community” – the people in this city look out for one another! So we wanted to give Bostonians a simple way to pay it forward by spreading kindness to someone in their life. Together, we are on mission to inspire kindness, so keep an eye out for more ways you can get involved throughout the baseball season. And be sure to look for our bars at Fenway Park, available for sale in the concession stands starting Home Opening Day (April 4th).


So you KNOW I couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate. There were only 2,500 open spots so I had to act quickly.

photo (4)

Luckily both ladies LOVED the treat. Plus, they didn't even feel tipped off when I asked each for their work addresses a couple of days prior. :P

I <3 you KIND Snacks!!


5) Massages. I love a good massage.

photo (5)

Post-Dopey Challenge massage courtesy a gift card from Weight Watchers

I normally reserve the massage for post-marathon or if I have a gift card so you can tell I don't get them regularly. :P

As I was inquiring at different spas for my post-Boston Marathon massage for later in the month, I stumbled across a monthly membership deal at Massage Envy. It is $59.99/month, which would include 1 60-minute massage per month. If I wanted to upgrade to say a 90-minute massage it would be my membership fee + the difference ($20).  The deal seems good to me.

But do I need it? I brought it up to the wife and she noted: "Your body is usually achy. If you are going to keep up this level of activity - which I know you will - you need it."

Well thanks supportive wife. :)

The main concern is my new budget, but I think I can make it work. Plus I would LOVE a 90-minute post-Boston massage for $79.99.

Would you take the deal?


And welcome to the Top Five things that are rattling around my old noggin on this Friday morning.

What about you?