Can you really get running accountability from a shirt? Today's Miles Says Yes! Plus #Giveaway

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Have you ever tossed your training plan across the room and yelled: "Screw it!"

Well, I have and it resulted in some nasty paper cuts on the dogs.

I mean I didn't mean to, but things happen.

(Please note: no pups were actually harmed in making of this blog post)

All I am saying is there are times that you don't want to live your life by a training plan ... but that is for a WHOLE different blog post.

What I am getting at is there are times when you just want to run, but you need some accountability.

For example, I have the best intentions to head out after work for a 5 mile run. But by Mile 2, I am having wardrobe malfunctions and my headphones stopped working and I am ready to call it a day. I am out there by myself and have no one to really tell me to keep going.

Sure social media can pinch hit in there.

How about a shirt?

A shirt you say - tell me more.

Today's Miles has you covered. Simply put:

"Share your daily workout without saying a word. Simply select a shirt, color and number of miles for each of your daily runs."

It's that easy.

When I came across their website, I had to check it out.


Today's Miles graciously let me try out a couple of shirts and share the experience with you all.

(As always, thoughts and opinions are my own! Ain't nobody got time for liars!)

The t-shirts, which are 100% polyester sweat wicking material, are available as a tank top, short-sleeved and long-sleeved. The tank tops and short-sleeved shirts also come in a ladies cut.

The shirt miles come in many increments from 0.0 to 50.0 and do include 5k, half marathon and marathon distances.


Can you tell I took the above photo in a mirror? :P

I took the short-sleeved orange 5.0 out for a spin (value $18). I normally don't wear t-shirts with short sleeves, while running - it isn't my style. However, it is still chilly in Boston so having a long-sleeved compression shirt underneath helped lessen the annoyance level.

The shirt - a men's medium - was nice and roomy while running. It didn't ride up. It does sport the 5.0 on the front and on the back.

I really don't know why having the 5 on my shirt impacted my thought process so badly. I think it was the fact that I take a post-workout photo every time and if I had to post this photo with the caption: "After my 3 mile run." I would've felt like a poser and a loser. I couldn't do that. So I soldiered through my 5 miles.

While training for the Boston Marathon with Tedy's  Team, we had one of our final 10-mile runs on the docket. I really didn't feel like running that morning, but thought it a great time to try out the long-sleeved 10-mile t-shirt in blue (value $23.50).


Not only did it inspire and push me through the training run, but it helped my teammates. They knew what was ahead. The miles had to get done and shirt held us to that.


I again had on a men's medium and enjoyed the roominess (did I make that up?) of the t-shirt. The sleeves weren't too long and were easy enough to push up when I started to get a little too warm. You know when shirts bunch up too much when you push the sleeves up to the elbow? Boy I hate that and find it super distracting while running. Thankfully Today's Miles shirt did not do that.

Thinking about it - it is time I break that 5.0 shirt back out and get to business...

... before that it is giveaway time!!!

The giveaway will run from Monday May 12 (3pm ET) through Monday May 19 (7am ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Monday!