*WINNERS ANNOUNCED* Inspiration Everywhere You Look With The Universe Knows + Giveaway

Annddddd the winners ARE:

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it can be found in a sunrise.

it can be found in a dream.

it can be found in a child's eyes.

it can be found within.


surrounds us.


has been harnessed by The Universe Knows apparel company.



The Universe Knows - who can be found on Twitter and Facebook - is an apparel company "dedicated to inspiring people. The company was founded on and is dedicated to a unique vision:

to remind people of the wisdom that resides within, and inspire strength and courage to live with passion and purpose."

The founders started The Universe Knows in 2003 and "created Inspiration Wear® because we believe that each thought we have and each action we take influences a link in a universal chain of events. our pearls™ (of wisdom) motivate, drive introspection and remind us to live as our best selves and be mindful of our passion."

The Universe Knows offers a wide variety of gifts ranging from women's wear (t-shirts, hoodies, comfy pants), stationary (bookmarks, journals, notebooks, notecards), mugs, water bottles and more.



I drooled over friends' posts of their inspirational mugs (mmm coffee). I coveted their comfy pants. I wanted to swipe their water bottles for my own. All the time favoriting and imagining myself with some inspiration wear.

Then came my opportunity to review this great company.

But what to choose? I wanted one of everything, but I settled for a mug, a hoodie and a journal.


I tore the package open when it arrived and immediately felt well ... inspired! ;)

(Note: Thank you Universe Knows for this opportunity. You can all know that thoughts are 100% my own.)

Since the package arrived on a Saturday, I opted to break out the mug (value $10) the next day. The mug would be a perfect fit for my morning oatmeal, while I edited the latest episode of Dani Dishes, my vlog.


And cherish the journey I do.

Since embarking fully on this healthy lifestyle journey in 2009, there have been times when I focus too much on accomplishing the next goal I've set rather than living the moment and cherishing each thing that happens.

Thanks for the reminder little mug.

design + care

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe or wash by hand

 fit + features

  • Holds 15.5 oz
  • Printed pearl of wisdom (saying) on front of mug
  • Two toned

inspired for

  • Morning cup of coffee
  • Evening cup of tea
  • Chatting with friends


I am working on practicing yoga. I have a hard time turning the mind off to focus on the breathing and the practice. So before class a few weeks back I slipped on the Embrace The Moment hoodie (value $39) and tried to recite that mantra whenever I felt my mind slipping.


While the mantra may not have worked, having the words written on my shirt gave me the push to even try. I loved the lightweight fabric and the hood.

fabric + care

  • 100% combed ring spun cotton
  • rough cut “v” neck and raw edge bottom
  • medium weight, sleek, stretchy, smooth
  • Imported.
  • Machine wash and dry.

fit + features

  • Regular size contoured fit
  • Raw edge V neck, raw edge bottom with raw edge hood
  • Embroidered pearls of wisdom (saying) on front chest

inspired for

  • Pre/After Workout
  • Beach/Grocery
  • Lounging around
  • Go to comfy hoody
  • All seasongarmentre
    • 100% combed ring spun cotton
    • rough cut “v” neck and raw edge bottom
    • medium weight, sleek, stretchy, smooth
    • Imported.
    • Machine wash and dry


Obviously I enjoy journaling. Hello! I have this lovely little slice of the internet called Weight Off My Shoulders. But sometimes you just want to put the pen to paper. OR you have some thoughts you want to keep private. For that I picked the Rewrite Your Script journal (value $16).


I love that the journal has lined pages, while the leather cover keeps the book from being damaged while rattling around in my large bag.

design + care

  • Leather
  • Ribbon to hold your place
  • 5”w  x 7”h

 fit + features

  • Inspirational message on each journal
  • Lined pages
  • Recycled paper
  • full front page description of pearl of wisdom

inspired for

  • Writing about your travels
  • Gift for a friend
  • Great for taking notes


Now that you've heard a little about what The Universe Knows has to offer and what I thought about my samples, it is time to get to the giveaway!!

There will be 3 winners chosen...

Raffle open to those residents in United States and Canada!

The giveaway will run from Thursday May 1 (7am ET) through Thursday May 8 (7am ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Thursday!