Three Things Thursday: How Dani Got Her Groove Back



That was me last week after coming off the runner's high of completing two marathons in 5 days AND raising over $9,000 to Fight Stroke with Tedy's Team.

Then it was back to the real world. I wasn't ready.

I felt off mentally and physically.

It was no surprise my eating hadn't been on point and I was lacking in sleep due to travel from Boston to Nashville.

So when I emerged from the fog of the post-race blues, I took to the vlog - Dani Dishes - and shared my pain. You can check it out here.

Once I made the video, I felt a some of the tension exit my body but I knew I needed more.

Changes had to be made and here are three that are helping so far...


1) Bedtime.

That's right folks.

I am 5 years old and instituting a bedtime for myself - at least Sunday-Thursday if possible. I have been shutting down the TV and electronics by 10pm.

I can spend HOURS flipping through social media channels and combing through Netflix, but it leaves me groggy in the morning.


AND impacts my morning workouts. Not okay.

I may only be four days into this experiment, but I am already seeing the benefits. It is getting easier to get out of bed by 6 for a morning run or session with Jillian Michaels.

As I prepare to kick up the Half Ironman training, I know the wake-up times will get earlier so this is a good transition time for me.


2) #WOMSRunStreak was born.

Now I have said before that I hate streaking and I do. Now not THAT kind of streaking you dirty minds you!

But, run streaks. I took part in the Runner's World Streak in December and felt it wear on my body a tad.

For now, this is the motivation I need to get out of bed and get moving. It is the accountability I need.

How long will it last? I can't tell you. It is doing the trick in the moment.



3) Tracking!

I know I know. This should be basic for a Weight Watchers member/leader. But with the hectic schedule as I approached Boston and set off for Nashville last minute - it was at the back of my mind.

On Monday, May 5 I challenged my Monday Night Weight Watchers group to a 6-week challenge. Week 1's task was to track at least 5 out of 7 days. Now, I don't like the do as I say not as I do motif so it was time to pull up my big girl pants and get to trackin'.


I am currently rockin' Day 4 back to tracking on the WW mobile app and I can say the first three days were:

^100% tracked (29 PPV a day) ^at least 120oz of water drank each day, ^activity each day (at least 30 min) ^getting all my Good Health Guidelines in.

The sense of control is back and I am feelin' good. Some of the road trip bloat has subsided as well. YAY!


I haven't done anything revolutionary here, but the tiny changes pay off big. These are things I KNOW I need to do. Occasionally one can get sloppy and let things slide - it happens.

And now I am going to get back to gettin' my groove back!