I'm IN for the #GlassSlipperChallenge!

run all the races


The Coast 2 Coast Medal will be mine in 2015!



That's right folks.Thanks to my lovely wife I am registered for the Princess 5k and Glass Slipper Challenge during Princess Weekend at Disney World February 19-22, 2015!

princess finish

I am beyond excited! The Glass Slipper Challenge first occurred earlier this year so we will be part of the 2nd time. :) Oh yes I meant to write "we." The wife signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge too. :)

The Princess 5k takes place Friday, February 19, while the Enchanted 10k is February 20 and the Princess Half is on Sunday, February 21.

photo (55)

It will be a blast experiencing a new race weekend at Disney. The only race weekend we have taken part in is the Marathon Weekend in 2013 and 2014.


On June 10th, the wife and I signed up for the Run Disney Rebel Challenge. Annnddd I may have fallen on the keyboard a second time and added the 5k to the mix as well.

For those that don't know, the Rebel Challenge is happening in Disneyland January 15-18 and is a Star Wars themed race weekend.


The inaugural Rebel Challenge is a 10k on the Saturday and Half Marathon on the Sunday. The 5k which I will also be doing will be Friday morning. So I am a marathon short of the Dopey Challenge. ;)

I am wicked excited. This will be our first trip to Disneyland. My wife is a HUGE Star Wars fan so it was an easy thing to get her to sign up for.


Since the trigger is pulled the only thing left to worry about are the 6 costumes - my favorite part of the Disney races.

photo (39)

Here are the four costumes I used during the Dopey Challenge in January.


Now I will have two coasts, six races, six costumes and nine medals!!

Are you signed up for the Disney Princess Weekend too?