My Latest Boston Area Date Night Find: Legoland Discovery Center

Dinner dates are overdid. Movies can happen any day of the week.

Next time you need to plan a more creative date for your significant other may I suggest...

Legoland Discovery Center Boston


Now technically Legoland is located in Somerville at the new Assembly Row shopping area. This just happens to be across the street from my house. Why yes location is great when picking a date night. ;)

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Normally Legoland requires adults to be accompanied by a child to enter the Discovery Center, but this location is now offering an Adult Night once a month.

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July 16 marked the second at the Discovery Center Boston location and it worked out perfectly as the wife's birthday is July 18. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. :)

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I jumped at the invite to attend the Adult Night and you can guess it didn't take much convincing of my lego-loving other half.

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We got there just after 7 to find quite a line of adults waiting to get in. We weren't the only excited ones.

After snapping a quick picture in front of a green screen, which had a couple options for which Lego background you wanted, we headed up the stairs to the Discovery Center.

I had no idea what to expect, but I figured it would be awesome.

We hit the top of the stairs and were immediately in mini Boston (aka MINILAND) ... made entirely out of Legos.


10517706_10100387697532848_7782756057816680010_n 10377998_10100387697707498_4384909139577969941_n






I can't imagine the level of patience this takes to get everything juuuust right.

The lights would rise and dim as the "day" would pass in mini Boston. When the lights went out, fireworks would go off on the walls above the Esplanade.

After taking in mini Boston, it was finally time to explore the rest of Legoland.

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photo 1




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The Discovery Center for the most part is a large open space with different pockets of games and rides.


Check out the Master Builder's Office - Tori wanted to break in!

We headed straight to the first ride - Merlin's Apprentice.



They had each adult take their own cart to even out the weight. In order to keep your cart afloat you needed to keep your feet peddling. It was fu to be soaring above the Center seeing all of the people playing and laughing.

We had been there maybe 20 minutes or so, but the wife was itching to play with the Legos so over to the Racers: Build & Test we went.




She was so proud of her Lego car that survived the test track.

While she played with Legos, I took a lap  around to check out the snacks/alcohol situation. :P


I really wanted this to turn real!

The Cafe was offering snacks, as well as beer and wine! Just remember to bring cash folks!

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I believe the cash only thing is for Adult Night Only.

With just 5 minutes before the next movie showing in the Lego 4D Cinema, we opted to wait for that before checking any other areas out.




We watched Spellbreaker in the theatre and it was really cute. When snow happened in the movie, they released foam from the ceiling to replicate the snow effect. I love a good 4D movie - it really makes the film come alive. There were three different Lego movies on rotation throughout the night.

But with our two hours going quickly, we wanted to take in as much as we could. So we were off to Kingdom Quest Laser Ride.



If the name doesn't give it away, your goal is to hit as many of the targets with the laser. Normally you can fit four folks in a chariot, but being a date night each couple got their own chariot. Bring on the competition.

My wife is the video gamer so she was slightly miffed in Disney when I kicked her booty on this type of ride. BUT she got her revenge on Kingdom Quest. I just couldn't get in a rhythm.

With time running out, we bypassed the Factory Tour and Model Builder Academy. Now we have something to check out the next time.

We did take a minute to watch folks compete in building the tallest structure while using one arm and not allowing their tower to tip over.


The energy was intense. Folks were taking it VERY seriously.

And just like that it was 9pm and the Adult Night was over. We took our time walking back to the stairs, soaking in the atmosphere and the cool craftsmanship of MINILAND.

We will definitely be checking this adult night out again as we missed some of the fun.

Keep an eye out here for more info on the next Adult Night.


So if you have a Lego nut in your life, I highly recommend checking out Legoland Discovery Zone Boston. Hey you can even make a whole date night out of it: American Fresh or Papagayo for dinner, Adult Night then J.P. Lick's for desssert. All in the same complex.

Come on over to Assembly Row and make some memories!