Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-Miler Recap

Turkey Trot dread!


For years growing up my mom and I would bundle in the car early on a holiday to go cheer my dad on at some race or another. Ugh! So early and so cold. Why would ANYONE do this by choice.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2014 and I am bounding out of bed to run my third-straight Turkey Trot race.

Ohhhh how times change when you catch the running bug. :P

On Thanksgiving, I happily woke up at 7am to get in a little stretching, foam rolling and biking (darn hurt left hamstring) before my friend Heather was set to pick me up for the race.

We would be running the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-Miler together in Somerville, MA for the second year. :)


I made sure to lay out #FlatDani the night before so I wouldn't leave anything at home when I inevitably rushed out of the house.


Heather had picked up our bib the day before at Marathon Sports so she had the bib and t-shirt with her. Yes I made sure to leave myself a post-it note as a reminder.


Love when we get a long-sleeved shirt as the swag.

Race was set to start at 9am so Heather picked me up at 8:30. Ahh I love races in my town. :)

Her husband dropped us off so we could avoid any parking hiccups as well. Score!

We arrived at 8:43 and headed straight to the Start Area. There isn't a specific start line it was more of a Start Area. The race was chip timed, but it went with the "mass start." This means everyone's Start Time was based on when the Gun went off NOT when you crossed the "start line."

Since this is a great local race I saw a ton of people I knew. Yay!

FullSizeRender (50)

Slumbrew Happy Soles in the house


My awesome Weight Watchers member Melissa who was running her second official race and first 4-miler!

With awesome motivation in my heart, it was time to get the party started. Heather had to take a lot of the summer/fall off due to injury so she was setting the pace for the morning. My goal was to keep her moving forward. :)

Since I was too busy talking, I didn't realize that the race was off. Since there wasn't an actual marked Start Line I just started the Garmin where I thought it was. :P

We thought the weather would be MUCH colder than it was - real feel was expected to be 14 - but we really lucked out. Pretty morning and not nearly as chilly. I was happy I opted out of my vest when I got out of the car.

I love running through my hometown because at every corner there are fun memories to relive. Plus it is always fun to catch-up with a friend while running.

It was great focusing on Heather and her race since it took my mind off of anything else.

Mile 1: 10:23

As we passed through Ball Square, we saw our friend and fellow Happy Sole Lori. Great briefly catching up with her and getting her thoughts on the Ugly Sweater Run that I would be running a couple of days later.


Heather remembered me lying to her about the hills the previous year so I kept it real this time around. ;) Heather was feeling the heat as she overlayered so we took a break after a water stop to take off at least one layer to try and cool her off.

Mile 2: 11:02

It was great seeing so many folks out getting activity in before enjoying their Thanksgiving meals. 4 miles is better than none, right?

So many families were out being active together. And let me tell you people were bringing their A game in the costume department. I felt like I seriously slacked, but I thought it would be colder than it was.

FullSizeRender (51)

We hit our final major hill on Central Street and Heather owned it. We both buckled down and powered up that sucker. It wasn't pretty, but it got OWNED. Plus the Mile 3 marker was just after the work was done.

Mile 3: 10:14

We were in the home stretch. The final mile down Summer Street featured a brief incline then went downhill to the Finish. I mean you can't ask for a better way to finish than on the down. Am I right?

I kept reminding Heather that coffee would meet her at the Finish. Oh yeah that put a little pep in her step. :) Now she wanted Starbucks, but because of my shirt I had to make sure we went to Dunkin'.

As we passed the VFW outside of Davis, we gave it everything we had in the tank.


Ouch! Need to work on my "I am almost done" face. Eek!

Mile 4: 10:15

Now my Garmin put us at 4.05 and a 42:24 Finish Time, but as I mentioned the Somerville Road Runners were working on a "mass start." Therefore, our official time was 43:09 - good for 1,605 out of 2,405 overall, 785 out of 1,334 females and 296 out of 486 in division.

I am listing both Finish times for my own record. :)

We beelined it for the Dunkin Donuts to get some iced coffees to celebrate before being picked back up by Heather's husband.

It was a great morning with a good friend. I loved running through Somerville and am happy to make the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4-Miler a tradition. Plus the race benefits Project Soup and Somerville Track PAC.

Also SUPER excited that Melissa finished the race and ran the entire thing - her main goal!! I was beaming when she shared that. :)


Do you have a Turkey Trot tradition?