New Weight Watchers Activelink 2.0 Hits The Shelves

I heart my Weight Watchers Activelink. I remember having the honor of being one of the first WW employees to test out the original Activelink starting in June 2012. Well now there's been an upgrade...


Welcome Activelink 2.0!

The new Activelink 2.0 hit the WW meeting room shelves TODAY (11/2) and I'm sure folks will be wicked excited for the upgrades.


It also features lights for every 10% increment on your way to GOAL instead of every 25% that the previous Activelink offered.


Photo Courtesy The Daily Mel

Activelink 2.0 offers:

  • A smaller, sleeker, waterproof design
  • Wireless syncing using Bluetooth
  • A brand-new metric to track: Sleep!
  • A dedicated ActiveLink app for iOS and Android, where members can see all their activity and sleep data right on your smartphone
  • All-new accessories (2 wristbands, belt clip, necklace clip) included in the box (pictured above)
  • Updated ActiveLink software and website support here

The free WW Activelink App provides on-the-spot data!!


I love being able to see when I hit my baseline and when I hit goal.

FullSizeRender (6)

But before you hit goal, the app will predict when you will hit your goal based on your activity to date ... oh hello incentive! I LOVE beating a goal someone else dictates for me. Anyone else? ;)


You can also see a more in-depth look at your sleep data, as well as giving you the opportunity to rate your sleep. Some great information to study.

^^ Also if you are currently an Activelink user, you DO NOT have to do another assessment period. Once you sync up the Activelink 2.0 you go about your normal business! :)


Now the information you really want... price point!

If you are buying an Activelink for the first time, the device will run you $59.95 plus the $5 a month fee for using the Activelink website.

But wait there's more...

If you are a current Activelink user, you can upgrade to the Activelink 2.0 for $39.95 - a $20 savings!!

Now for the sweetest deal of all...

If you purchase a NEW monthly pass between November 2-December 27, you will receive an Activelink 2.0 for FREE!!!!

You read that right ... FREE Activelink 2.0 for all those buying a NEW Monthly Pass between 11/2-12/27!

^^^ Remember there is still a $5 per month fee to use the Activelink for all Activelink owners.


Now if you are looking for a great meeting to attend, you can find me at the following centers on the following days:

^ Mondays at 5:30pm at Medford Center (674 Fellsway)

^ Wednesdays at NOON at Newton Center (300 Needham St)

^ Thursdays at 8am at Boston Center (101 Summer St)


So who is ready to get their Activelink 2.0?