South Shore Half ... The Race That Wasn't!

On Sunday, November 2 I was set to ring in my 5th anniversary of joining Weight Watchers with my 24th career Half Marathon (9th of 2014).

ww ann

But Mother Nature had a different idea...


On Saturday, the wife and I packed into the car and made the trek to Marathon Sports in Norwell to pick up my race packet. Sweet sweet race swag being offered up for the inaugural South South Half!

We enjoyed lunch at a local pub and headed back home to carboload for the race. ;) As we were doing some housework, a text came in from my friend Lauren at 6:53pm: "You see south shore half got postponed??"

Ummm what? I had ZERO idea. I had no email so I went to social media. It was true. The race had been postponed. Thankfully Lauren also shared the email with me.


BUMMER! Thankfully they were able to reschedule the race for 11/16 so I will still get to run my 24th half marathon, but for many of my friends they are not so lucky. Plans were already made and as we know no refunds! I will commend the race for letting folks transfer their registrations if they can't run.

I still am not sure why I never received an email. If Lauren hadn't contacted me I would've been completely in the dark. Since I was out of the loop, I made sure to spread the word from my own social media channels to save my friends early morning rides to a race that wasn't happening.

I'm not sure what happened on the lines of communication, but it seemed like many missed out on the email or Facebook message. It is funny how much I rely on Twitter now. This race doesn't have a twitter account so I forgot to turn to Facebook for answers.

But I will be there on November 16 and hope for better weather conditions...