Dani Dishes: I'm A Closet Eater

On this episode of Dani Dishes It's time to get real with myself and admit that I am a Closet Eater!! It's true.

Hi! My name is Dani and I am a Closet Eater.

It is a tough thing to admit, but I have and will continue to work on recovering from it.

Can you believe this guy said only "fat" people can be closet eaters? Sooo not the case.


So what is helping me work through my closet eating?

1) Buying pre-portioned foods. There is something about opening a second bag of something that makes me second guess the decision.

2) Track. Honestly facing the choices I make when in that mindset has helped lessen the closet eating incidents over the years.

3) Share your struggle. If you can't find someone in your personal life to reach out to, please know I am here. There are also therapists, overeaters groups and folks on social media available.

4) Eat on a schedule. Since some of my closet eating will happen when alone during the day while working from home, I try to eat during a schedule. Keeping myself satisfied throughout the day can sometimes help the secret eating stay at bay.

5) Try not to feel alone. It is when I start feeling lonely that it can really come on. So if no one is physically home - besides the pups - I will call, text or tweet a friend that would understand my situation.


These are just a few of the avenues I have been trying with some success over the years.

If you are someone who suffers from closet/binge eating, how do you handle the urges?