Top Three Stocking Stuffers Under $17 For Your Fitness Enthusiast!

Shopping for a loved one can be one of the trickiest tasks we can have around the holiday season. Picking out just the right relevant Stocking Stuffers can be a bigger chore than the presents themselves... especially if you are on a budget! Well I'm here to share with you the Top Three Stocking Stuffers I'd recommend for your favorite fitness enthusiast!



1) Shower Pill (Value – $10 for a 10 pack)

What is it?

ShowerPill™ is the hygiene supplement designed to keep you fresh and clean while on-the-go. This large premium antibacterial body wipe is individually packaged to be discrete, yet versatile and big on performance.

So I had no idea what a hygiene supplement is so thankfully they explained it further on their website:

Just touched that doorknob? You should run to the sink, but grab hand sanitizer instead. Finished that tuna sandwich and forgot your toothbrush? Better pop a breath mint. Worked up a sweat during your midday workout? The ShowerPill™ Athletic Body Wipe™ will keep you fresh so that you can stay at your best all day long.

I was scrolling through Twitter the other night and all of a sudden the twitter handle –@ShowerPill – and was instantly intrigued. Many of you know I usually work out in between Weight Watchers meetings and I am always rushing to squeeze a rinse off before interacting with people. :P So I thought I had to give this a shot.


Shower Pill sent me a couple wipes to try and I IMMEDIATELY put them to good use.

I had to fit in a run between meetings and was running late (shocker!) so it was Shower Pill to the rescue. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t smell at all like I had just been covered in sweat a mere five minutes earlier.

Would I use them after every single workout, probably not. But, I will be keeping them on hand in my house and gym bag for emergencies. I’d rather use one of these than show up smelly. You never want to be the smelly kid. :P

FullSizeRender (92)

Shower Pill = Portable Shower ... No Water Needed

Also, read how Shower Pill was invented – I found it entertaining! :)

^Discount Alert: Use code holiday20 for 20% off when your purchase two boxes of ShowerPill (code expires 1/1/15).


2) Feetures High-Peformance Socks (Value $10.99)


How Feetures got their start:

In 2002, after spending 25+ years with a leading manufacturer of athletic socks, I believed that there was an opportunity to create a better performance sock that took advantage of the latest breakthroughs in sock technology. As a runner and someone passionate about being active, I wanted to design a great sock that would enhance the performance of runners and other athletes.

Feetures offers a variety of sock styles, but my favorite are the high performance - their original sock design!

Here's why I like them so much:

^ High Performance sock has power bands of Lycra, so the sock hugs the entire foot in a comfortable and supportive way

^ iWick Fibers do a superior job of wicking moisture to keep feet cool and dry

^ The mesh construction on top of the sock provides ventilation for added breathability


And if this pair is any proof after running through the muddy trails last week, you can bet they can stand up to fun runs, marathons, triathlons and beyond.

I really didn't know the difference in how a good sock plays in to your workout until I tried Feetures out this summer... and now I'm hooked! :)


3) Sparkly Soul Headbands (Value $15-17)


How two sisters took the reigns and created Sparkly Soul:

The company was created by a marathoner and triathlete for all the women who find their strength and soul while pushing themselves to their athletic limits.

We needed to keep our hair out of our face while exercising.  Now there is a fabulous headband that won’t slip, won’t cause your pretty little head to get a headache or cause hair breakage.  It is the comfortable solution for all you athletic fashionistas.

Whether you are a runner, walker, dancer, triathlete, yogi, pilates buff, cyclist, cheerleader, or ballplayer  - we believe in all you sparkly gals out there!

With years of activity between organized sports, dancing and now running/triathlons, I have tried every headband out there. I can say with 100% that Sparkly Soul is the only one to remain on my head in tact through any activity I do.


But wait Sparkly Soul does more! They can even cover up those gray hairs when you are putting off that hair appointment. ;)


Oh is that just me? :P

Yes it is true I wear Sparkly Soul headbands every day to work, the gym, to workouts, around the house...

Plus even Santa knows where it's at!



You're welcome in advance for lots of hugs from a happy camper on Christmas morning! ;)