*REVIEW* Use A Gone For A Run Bibfolio To Keep Race Bibs & Race Momentos In Tact

Do you have race bibs taking up space in your drawers or cast around the house? Are you not sure what to do with those pretty little pieces of memories? Are you wondering how to keep hold of those race wristbands needed for medal pick-up, post-race beer or VIP access? I've got the answer for you!


Well Gone For A Run has your back... and mine!

I've been seriously collecting my race bibs since I fell back in love with running in 2011 after having back surgery for a herniated disc.

I keep all of my bibs and medals as reminders of:

* how much stronger I am than I think

* the amazing memories created during each and every race. I can look at a bib or medal and be instantly transformed back to the race course and all feelings attached to it

* the honor I have to compete in these awesome races

* my health

* my determination

Now I had all the bibs, but had no idea what do with them until I came across Gone For A Run's BibFOLIOS.


So what is a BibFOLIO (retail $39.99)?

It's a race bib holder you can display on a coffee table, desk or bookcase.

The BibFOLIO is made from hand-finished wood and printed using our proprietary high resolution printing process. The twist cable rings easily unscrew as you add your race bibs. Simply slip the holes on the top of your race bib through the rings to add your bibs. You worked hard for those race bibs and they should have a BibFOLIO - a special place to be kept, shared and remembered.

For my BibFOLIOs, I pay the extra money for the vinyl protector sheets.


The vinyl protector sheets have little pockets so you can slide the bib in to keep it nicely preserved.


Plus since it has a little pocket, you can store race momentos in there as well - like my Dopey Challenge wristbands!


Since I am a little Type A ;) I use the gray area at the top of the vinyl sheets to jot down notes about that race: Date, Name, Finish Time, PR or not, etc.


If I wanted to get wicked detailed, I could purchase the race RECAP or STAT inserts for the BibFOLIO as well, but the gray area treats me just fine so far!

If you want to display your BibFOLIOs up right on a table or bureau, you can order a BibFOLIO stand for $8.


Thankfully my bookcase type thing (technical right?) is working just fine so far! :)

If you are worried you have too many race bibs for the BibFOLIO, think again. I have my fair share of bibs and they have fit easily in the BibFOLIOs so far.


Plus 52 races in 2014!

But there are 3 inch expansion rings ($3.99) available for purchase to help you out.


If you are ready to proudly display your race bibs, head on over to the Gone For A Run BibFOLIO site and check out the dozens available: rustic, quote, photo, engraved, dry erase, personalized and so many more.

So what are you waiting for... buy yours today! :)