Trendy Trainer & Turnstyle Cycle Are Helping Boston #TurnItUp!

Are you looking for a one of a kind indoor cycling class? Ready to have your booty rocked?

Excited to head to a studio that welcomes all those from novice to Spinning addicts?

Do you live in the Greater Boston area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions... and probably mainly that last one ... then Turnstyle Cycle is for you!


Turnstyle Cycle studio is located in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Ma. It is a new studio - opening this past July - and is gaining popularity quickly.

I had heard rumblings of this Turnstyle Cycle from many friends, but had never had a chance to get in.

Then my girl Caroline of Trendy Trainer invited me out to one of her group cycle class.


This lady is persuasive so before I knew it I was signed up for her 6:45pm class on January 6th. Alright it was on.

Turnstyle offers validated parking in the Kendall Square parking garage ($4 for up to 2 hours), which saved me from driving around Kendall looking for street parking. Tiny win! :)

I made sure to get to the studio 20 minutes before the 6:45pm class so I had plenty of time to check in at the front desk and get situated.


Photo Courtesy Gilt City Boston

Caroline was nice enough to give me a tour of the studio before class.

In addition to group cycle classes, Turnstyle also offers small group TRX classes. Yes she is now working to get me into one of those. My abs are already shaking. ;)


Photo Courtesy Gilt City Boston

After checking out the small group room, we headed into the cycling studio. It was small and intimate (28 bikes total).



Photos Courtesy Gilt City Boston

And this is where I learned that the Turnstyle cycling experience would be unique.


Because of the Real Ryder bikes.


RealRyders will build core strength and burn ~20% more calories per workout than a standard stationary bike. They will take a class or two to get used to, but the results will not disappoint.

Okay okay I was ready for the extra challenge.

I had brought my own spin shoes, but since this was my first class at Turnstyle I opted to use their spin shoes. Free for first time riders and $2 rental per class following that.


Once the bikes were cleaned after the previous class and towels put on each bike, we headed in to get ready. Caroline did a great job setting up my bike and explaining how the class works.

Turnstyle uses a computer on the bike to measure speed/intensity of the ride. So Caroline relayed certain RPM ranges to hit during the hills, sprints, etc.

The first time I stood up in third on the bike, I felt all out of sorts since the bike moved along with me. I thought this would be one long 45-minute class. But after the first couple of lifts out of the saddle, I actually got the hang of it. Yay me!

Since the bike moves side-to-side, Caroline was able to add "turns" to certain tracks. On one 60 second sprint, we did 30 seconds of it on a right turn and 30 seconds of it on a left turn. Oh hello core work! Yes I am feeling those moves today.

Caroline had some sick beats. Music will always make or break a cycle class for me. She delivered. Thankfully I don't think anyone heard me singing along to certain tracks. ;)

With the lights off, the Turnstyle logo behind Caroline is the only light in the room and changes depending on what type of ride we are in. It looked like Caroline decided when to use red, blue, green, etc.


I'm finally getting used to cycling in the dark since it looks like most studios go that route. I like it because it lets me zone out the other people in the room and focus on my own ride... especially when trying out a totally new type of bike! :)

We ended the class with two 60 minute sprints and I was toast. Note to Self: Next time don't do hill repeats right before this class. :P

The class ended with some light much-needed stretching and a round of applause. I love a good round of applause.


Overall the class was a truly full body workout and didn't feature any difficult choreography. It was a great cycling experience that I could see using to replace a bike workout during triathlon season (like how I have used Flywheel in the past).

While I tried the standard Turnstyle Cycle class (which is a 45-minute class), I am looking forward to checking out the Neon 60 ride, which is a 60-minute ride complete with black lights, body paint and glo sticks. Sign. Me. Up.


If anyone is looking to try out Turnstyle Cycle, they are having a deal for first time riders:

ENDING at 3pm EST today (1/7), NEW customers get one FREE class credit (value $25)! Here's how it works: (1) Create an account:… (2) Click BUY CLASSES (3) Enter "firstclassfree" in the PROMO CODE box at the bottom of the page


Have you ever Turned It Up with Trendy Trainer and Turnstyle?