Face It Friday: Hard Work Pays Off, Back At Goal & Plan For Disneyland 1/9/15

Last week's gain could've sent me in one of two directions: 1) Farther down a spiral of eating whatever I want, but letting myself do it since I was still "tracking it"


2) I buckled down and got down to serious business to undo the damage

Which do you think I did?

Because I have honestly taken both in the past...


1 or 2?

I'm waiting here nicely folks.

Okay okay I'll just show you and let you figure it out. ;)


Yes! #2!


Adios 5.8 pounds and hello being right on the mark at goal!!


<<insert embarrassing video of me doing a happy dance>>

(no there isn't really a video of that)

Now I know that losing 5.8 pounds is a lot in one week and has only happened a few times in my weight loss journey, but it did follow a 3.8 pound gain last week. So I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility to happen.

Could this result in a small gain next week? Absolutely. The body fluctuates all the time and sometimes out of our control.

But for now I will celebrate.


I am happy to report that I have tracked every day since that November 7th weigh-in. I am happy to report that through the holiday season I am still down 6.4 pounds.

Now THAT is a win! :)

I indulged, enjoyed myself, but still tried to keep some balance AND increase the activity.

This past week I really stuck to:

^ tracking honestly

^ weighing and measuring all of my foods - I heart my food scale

^ earning the most Activity Points (101) since August 22-28 (105)


^ staying in the positive

Now using my tracker as feedback, I learned I didn't make the best choices with my points - few too many spent on salty snacks rather than a more satisfying choice. Lesson learned and noted!


So what is on the horizon? An awesome weekend away with my wife at Disneyland (Jan 15-19) to take part in the Run Disney Star Wars Weekend, which includes three races: 5k, 10k and Half.

What is my game plan? I am going to indulge, but hopefully not go off the rails.

I told myself that I can take the weekend off from tracking, but will let the weekend go as it does. Maybe I will still be in the tracking mood.

Either way I am going to enjoy my time away with my wife, stay super active and either way get right back on the horse as soon as I get back.

I am going into the weekend okay with a small gain, but I would prefer to maintain while gone.


But for now I am feeling pretty awesome and giving myself a big high-five... and maybe a beer! :)

Do you use a gain on the scale as motivation?