Disneyland Part 5: #RebelTweetup

Do you love the Twitter? Do you have people you feel more connected to online than in your real life?

Do you wish you could meet them in real life?

Yes to all three for me...

... and that is how the #RebelTweetup was born!


Whenever I head to an out of town racecation I try to set up a meetup or tweetup or run-ins with folks I have been chatting with online. It is awesome to chat with folks in 140 characters or through Facebook.

But sometimes I would like to hear what their voice really sounds like. Ya know? Or see a picture bigger than a teeny tiny avatar!

So when the wife and I decided to head to Disneyland for the inaugural Star Wars race weekend, I enlisted my good buddy Linzie of Sharp Endurance to co-host a tweetup with me!


That's my Boo! :)

And if getting your Twitter friends from all over the country - AND CANADA - isn't enough... we handed out prizes! Oh yeah, that's right!

Big thanks to ShowerPillSparklySoul Headbands, Zensah, Orange Mud, and Pro Compression for offering up some sweet sweet prizes to our participants.


We <3 ShowerPills!

For those that don't know here is how a tweetup works (at least in my world):

Step One: Pick a sweet location


Thanks Trader Sam's (located at Disneyland Hotel)!

Step Two: Invite everyone you know and love on the Twitterverse


My heart was so happy!

Step Three: Periodically throughout the established tweetup event time, tweet out how folks can win the prizes. We had folks find Linzie or I to show off the tweet or answer the tweeted question to win the prize.

Step Four: Take ALL the selfies!!!!

^^Feel free to click on the person's name below to follow them on Twitter!


Erika = @SuperErizzle


Julie = @AngryJulie


Amber = @EpicBeerGirl


Carlee = @CarleeMcDot


Alicia = @Alicia_Orozco


Kathy = @kathy03csi


Gillian = @FindingMyWeigh (Yay Canada in the house!)


Victoria = @Vfreile

Step Five: Sit back and feel your heart fill with love and your smile grow from overwhelming happiness!


This was two hours of awesome conversation, hugs, smiles, laughs, beer and Run Disney chatter!

Thank you to all that took time out of their vacation or Saturday to come hang with Linzie and I. We appreciate it more than you know!


Have you ever attended a tweetup?