The Refresh, Revive, Remix Celebration at Athleta Newbury Street

Running clothes... Snacks... Champagne... Massages... You had me at - well - all of that!!

I had the honor of attending the Refresh, Revive, Remix Celebration Party at Athleta Newbury Street with my friend Susan from Lifestyle of a Fashionista.


Susan and I arrived at Athleta ready to get our shop on. Now I am not one to normally enjoy shopping - okay I rarely enjoy shopping - but with the entire Athleta store at my disposal... my attitude changed. It's like Athleta After Dark.


In addition to the amenities, Athleta would be giving us a sneak peek at their new arrivals.


Before we started trying on clothes, we took a lap around to meet some of the great companies in attendance.

First up was a stop for some snacks from b.good and a little champagne.



Cocobeet is Boston's original organic juice bar (online delivery available, store coming soon).

Bringing fresh cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, raw vegan fare, and detox juice cleanses to the Boston community. Our ingredients reflect our healthy values: organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, non-HPP, and locally sourced.

Since I was already drinking my water, I opted to bring a couple of hint water bottles home with me. The watermelon water was tasty!


Since I had to postpone my massage earlier in the week, I was happy to take advantage of the free chair massage from the Joint Venture physical therapists. Oh boy it was a treat. Yes 10 minutes was all my upper body needed. Okay it could've taken an hour if available, but I appreciated 10 minutes. :)

Finally we chatted with Cassie from Beautycounter.


Beautycounter is an up-and-coming skincare line. Thankfully Susan is the fashion blogger so I let her take the lead with this convo. ;) I know nothing about makeup.

After making the rounds, it was time to try on some of the amazing clothes available.


I wanted this entire ensemble... including the abs! Apparently abs sold separately? #Rude :P

While I wanted to try everything on, I tried to be realistic in what I brought into the dressing room.


Up First? Floral Fade Sonar Capri ($74, size medium)



The super-sleek, wicking capri with compression fabric to give you a flattering fit for every run and training session.

Oh boy did I immediately fall in love with these. I knew as soon as I put them on that they would be coming home with me. The wide waistband on the capris limit slipping or riding down while running - which I really appreciate.

Rear pocket to stash my key/ID. Machine washable AND dry!

I tried on the green tank as well, but wasn't a fan. Style: Mesh Chi Tank ($44, size large)

Second Up? Gel Chaturanga™ Capri ($64, size medium)


A spliced-in gel print adds flash to your workouts in our favorite Chat style.

I really wanted to like these pants, but I didn't feel "it" when I slipped them on. They felt fine, but not enough for me to bring them home.

I thought the design would make me feel wide or self-conscious, but that wasn't it.

They had the wide waistband, hidden key pocket and are rated UPF 50+ - all amazing.

NOW if these were to randomly show up at my house, I would not send them away. ;)

Third Up? Sting Be Free Tight (on sale $59.99, size medium)



Now these pants are WAAAYYY out of my comfort zone! I'm not one to normally pick up such a bold-color pant.

But they had me at pockets!! Yes these pants offer pockets on the side that can hold my phone and fuel.

They are mid-rise, which is something I like in my running tights since they don't tend to ride down like other pants. They are lightweight, sleek and stretchy - all pluses.

I also love that most Athleta pants also have the mesh inserts for ventilation.

Now when I first put these on I thought they were super baggy and was really confused why they were bunching at the end. Yeah I had put on a Large. Once I went down a size to the medium they fit like a glove and the bunching was gone.

Thanks to some convincing from Susan these also made it into my cart.


The last time I attended an Athleta After Hours event I walked away with three pairs of pants. Sooo going home with two was an improvement for my wallet. :P

I highly recommend that everyone check out their closest Athleta or (They do have plus sizes available on their website) I really like the durability of their clothing AND their dedication to empowering women through their Power to the She movement.

Yes it is still a little pricey, but you get your money's worth.

PLUS, if you feel good while running or working out, you perform better and are more apt to keep the movement going. So splurge! ;)


Have you tapped in to the #PowerToTheShe at Athleta?