Face It Friday: Early Weigh-In & Negative Self-Talk

I am currently tucked in to bed and trying to stay as warm and cozy as possible. I recently finished my 4-mile run outside in the windy rain. But ya know what? I am psyched for it. I might be one of the few folks here in New England that loves running in the cold weather. So this means we are heading that way! Yay for layers! ;)

Anyway, as many have figured out and know today is actually Saturday and not Friday. I unfortunately was having some issues on the blog yesterday so this check-in was delayed.

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, I opted to weigh-in early on Wednesday. And the results were....

Down 3.5 lbs

So down 4.6 lbs in 2 weeks of refocusing. I have been focusing on little changes that add up when done together: tracking, 100+oz of water a day, hitting 10k steps on the Fitbit, PlankADay & now a nightly routine of sit-ups, modified pushups & squats. But the most important change has been my mind! I am keeping myself focused on the positive & making sure I share my feelings instead of burying them down with food. That never solves the problem. How many times do I have to tell myself that? ‪#‎EmotionalEaterProblems‬

Focusing on tracking everything - good, bad, ugly - and weighing in weekly until we head to Disneyland on Jan 14. This will keep me positively motivated & inspired. I loved how I felt when I hit Disneyland this year & while I won't be as lean I can still feel magical!

I have been talking a lot with Sarah from Mom Running On Empty about trying to nix the negative. It has always been my weakest aspect of this journey. While I am proud that I have made leaps and bounds from my darkest times - when mental self-abuse was followed by physical self-abuse - I still have a lot of work to do. 

The amount of negative self-talk quiets the better I feel food and exercise wise so that is what I am focusing on. Getting back to that happy place that starts a positive domino effect.

I've done this before and I can do it again.

Same goes for each and every one of you! Dig deep - the strength is within you!

I promise.