#WOMSStreak Hits Day 400!!! Plus A Mileage Milestone

Can you freakin' believe it? Because I cannot! 

I have run at least one mile every day since October 25, 2014. That is insane to me! 

How did I celebrate #WOMSStreak Day 400? 

4-solo rainy windy miles near my house. I wasn't sure what my legs wanted to do today since I wasn't feeling 100% when I woke up. I opted to catch-up on some family snuggling after my running buddies had to reschedule our weekly date.

Apparently my body wanted to fly... Splits: 8:06, 7:56, 7:53, 7:11!

Over the first 400 days of the streak, I have covered 1,859.1 miles (4.65 miles per day average). Crazy!

Today I am also celebrating another milestone - my third mileage goal of the year.

The first: 1,000 miles --- check!

The second: 1,234.5 miles --- check!

The third: 1,551 miles --- CHECKITY CHECK!

Hollah! YAY! 

I am still processing this amazing milestone, but I am ready to fight for the next one. 

The fourth goal will be: 1,661 miles!

Here's to 110 more miles in the final 33 days of 2015. This would be an average of 3.3333 miles a day. This seems doable with my schedule, but will always listen to my body when it comes to the streak!

Will the #WOMSStreak hit 500 days? Only time will tell, but I plan to be running on March 7! ;)