I Spun Away The Thanksgiving Indulgences... What About You?

Movement Is Therapy!

After an indulgent Thanksgiving, I needed to get moving. My choice - in addition to my daily run - was simple... Spinning!!! :) 

I had a lovely invitation to meet Twitter Friend Sarah in person on Friday for a spin class at Velo-City in the Back Bay of Boston.

Photo Courtesy: @CardiganSarah

Photo Courtesy: @CardiganSarah

Velo-City was offering a themed 60-min ride: "BEYONCÉ & JT VS DESTINY'S CHILD & *NSYNC"

How freakin' awesome is that title? 

Sarah and I were pumped and ready to rock. And you bet your booty I sung along to some "Bye Bye Bye!"

The class was full and Deepak, the instructor, was full of energy. He even handled out glow-stick bracelets to all the riders. Plus it was great having one of the owners, Tom, walking around the room helping riders set their bikes up correctly.

Going to head to Velo-City? Let me know - I will totally join you. Save me a glow-stick! ;)

If you've been looking at checking out Velo-City, they have some great specials going on:

My cousin Jen was looking to check out Cyc Fitness, located in the basement of the Park Plaza Hotel, so we headed there this morning for a sweaty 45 minute ride. This would be my second time at Cyc (pronounced psyche).

The 9:30 am class was greeted by Garrett, who had just completed a bikini contest. Talk about motivating right off the bat.

Find her on Instagram: _daretomove

Find her on Instagram: _daretomove

Garrett was ready to kick our butts. She started the class with 4-consecutive arm tracks. Oh boy were my arms feeling it. Once I made my way through the arm tracks (which replicated basketball moves and swimming strokes), I was ready to attack the endurance portion. Let me tell you she didn't go easy on us there either. :P The sweat was dripping, but boy it was rewarding!

I am not used to so much arm work in a spin class, but I appreciated her class structure. I didn't feel like I was going to fall off the bike during the arm section like I did during my first class.

If you are interested in checking out Cyc Fitness, here are their prices:

What did you do to burn off the Thanksgiving indulgences?