*Announcement* I'm Ready To TRI With ZOOM In 2016!

Did I catch your attention there? You sitting on the other side of the computer or phone just wondering what the heck I am talking about? Did you catch that TRI rather than TRY? Don't you love how clever I am? Thought about it all by myself! 

FINE! I saw it somewhere one time and catalogued it in the back of my mind.

But it was my choice to use it for today's announcement.

Wait a minute.

What am I talking about?

Ohhhh yeessss!!

I am excited to announce that I have joined a local Boston area tri team for the 2016 season!

Meet your newest member of...

ZOOM Multisport

I am pretty darn excited. I have known many of the folks on this team for years. Many ran alongside me as part of Tedy's Team, helping to #FightStroke!

A few zoomers & i before my first tri - boston Sprint tri 2013

A few zoomers & i before my first tri - boston Sprint tri 2013

Not only are they full of cool and motivating people, the team offers some great perks.

I am looking forward to taking advantage of some during the training cycle.

But what am I training for you might ask?

Here are the first two triathlons to make my racing schedule... so far:

Cohasset Triathlon - June 26 in Cohasset, MA

0.25 mile Swim / 12 mile Bike / 3.2 mile Run

Cohasset is a quick 45 minute drive from Boston so looking forward to racing closer to home for this one. 

Plus there is a great charity component to this race as well:

The Cohasset Triathlon is proud to partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for this event. Today we are the largest volunteer driven event for JDRF in the country. Through our racers individual and team fundraising efforts the Cohasset Triathlon has raised over $1,050,000 for JDRF.

Boston Triathlon - July 31 in Boston, Ma

If you can remember from the second picture from this post, the Boston (Sprint) Tri was my first-ever triathlon.

Well this year they are turning it into an Olympic distance. Well, it will be a first for me again. I have actually never raced an Olympic distance tri so I am excited to challenge myself!

0.9 mile Swim / 24 mile Bike / 6.2 mile Run

Yes for those that read the blog, I jumped from a Sprint Tri to a Half Ironman (in 2014) without testing out the Olympic distance... Oops! ;) I know a lot of folks that have made bigger leaps than that, but it was wicked scary - yet rewarding - for me.

Will another Half Ironman be in the cards for 2016? Time will tell...

While I continue to play around with my 2016 racing schedule, I look to you to ask: which triathlons are must dos? No Ironman recommendations need apply. ;)